Jia Ji Mei Shi 佳记美食, Chinatown

Mr. NGFL who just back from USA for a 3-month stint missed me so much that he had to meet me the next day. He had a craving for local food so we went to Chinatown market, my turf where I used to come with The Ex. We had peanut porridge ($2), and chee cheong fun + steamed yam cake combo ($2) from Jia Ji Mei Shi or better known as “Photographic Photogenic Memory Delicacies.”

I’ve eaten here a few times by default but I haven’t really tasted it properly until now. The peanut porridge was smooth, but I didn’t like it; I thought it was bland. But the chee cheong fun was very fun fun fun! And so was the yam cake. They were both very smooth. (Mr NGFL said that they were so smooth because they were so oily.) The chili wasn’t potent but had a kick. I especially like the yam cake. Its “yam”-ness wasn’t very strong, but it was springy and soft at the same time. Quite a winner.

Jia Ji Mei Shi
Chinatown Food Complex

Rating: 3.813/5 stars


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