Kim Choo Kueh Chang, East Coast Rd

 (Photo Credit: Taken from their Website.)

Actually I first knew of Kim Choo Kueh Chang (KCKC) from their “branches,” Joo Chiat Kim Choo (JCKC), a breakfast stall which is springing up everywhere in Singapore. But if you check out the website, JCKC is an imitation! So be careful. KCKC and JCKC are not related at all. Very shrewd business hor, “plagiarizing” other people’s name to get business.

The folks on HGW kept reviewing the Peranakan food here but Golden Pig KC (Kim Choo=Golden Pearl/Pig)  focuses on CHANG what. That’s why it’s the last word. These people never tak (study) literatchoo in skools is it??

I’ve eaten the Ba Chang, nonya chang, and nonya bun (with chili dried mini prawns as fillings).  I have never liked changs. I never like the sticky texture of glutinous rice, which is perfect for me, because gay men don’t eat carbs and I fit the stereotype. I love fitting into stereotypes.

Eating the fake JCKC zhang, I thought so-so niah. Normal lor. Eating KCKC chang, WOAH! It’s like the difference between Katy Perry’s voice and Christina Aguilera’s voice. KCKC chang blew me away! I didn’t know zhangs could taste so good. Instead of a sticky rice texture, their rice is more like steamed rice, softer, easier to break apart. The fillings are so tasty, you don’t need to put chili or ketchup as condiments.

Golden Pig rocks! Except it’s quite expensive.

Kim Choo Kueh Chang
109 East Coast Rd
Singapore 428800
T: 6741 2125

Rating (for taste alone):  4.191/5 stars


Categories: $0-$20, East Coast, Peranakan

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