NutriHub, Chinatown

Vegetarian Tuesday is on, bitches!

Vegetarian Fact #2: If everyone in the world were a vegetarian, we can stop world hunger! (Source: PETA.) We aren’t superheroes but we can do our bit to save other human lives!


Singlish Glossary:
kong = say
Tek gong = good.
dey = usually used by Indians, to express the obviousness of the situation.

14K kong* I must be more refined. So I try not to say sh*t. But seriously, I don’t understand why organic food is so expensive in Singapore. Organic food uses human defecation–I check thesawrus one–so should be cheap what. No need $$ to buy pesticides and fertilizers. And so much land in Malaysia and Indonesia. But how come orgasmic food in Singapore cost more than New York? (I follow my gang leader for an International Ah Beng meeting there before.)

But I love orgasmic food lah. Very tek gong*. Like that Katy Perry song, “make them go oh oh oh!” So that day passed by this organic food shop, and I vegetarian on Tuesday mah. So I asked the very nice lady boss what is their speciality, and she recommended me these:

Almond Nut Milk ($5). But got no milk in it. made 100% of nuts and raw dates. (Action for AIDS say cannot do raw on dates huh, boys and girls, but dunno why food can have raw dates.) Anyway, very creamy and delicious. Nuts are good for you. Nuts can actually help you lose weight because it contains good fats, so teabag more often! Although delicious, the texture was a bit grainy, very hard to grindr nuts leh.

Nut Cheese Sushi ($7.80). But also no cheese in it. Vegetarian dey*! Very pretty lor, almost as pretty as me. Got carrots, beetroot, alfalfa, lettuce, etc. I like the unevenness of the cutting. I don’t feel that it was cheesy at all. The sauce (already in the sushi) was tangy and very slightly spicy, very appetizing.

Although both were delicious, I think the food a bit pricy leh, somemore the restaurant is like those foodcourt decor kind. I ah beng drive lorry, have to drive a few times to earn that money. Somemore, the food so little, how to feed a “piece of fat lard” like me. Good and friendly service though. The place offers cooking classes too. Recommended.

46 Temple St
Singapore 058591
T: 6738 2746
Email: lipnutrihub@gmail.com

Rating: 3.277/5 stars


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