Everything With Fries, Joo Chiat

Having eating at the branch at Holland Village, and giving it a favorable review, I decided to eat at this branch at Joo Chiat, very near to East Coast Rd.

I don’t know if the boss was helping out here that the servers were super friendly and polite and cheerful. Kudos go to the Pinay server, always smiling very sincerely. That being said, the service was very careless. The mistakes were mostly made by an (inexperienced?) server, a Singaporean girl. We had to ask for ice water several times before it came. Food was delivered to the wrong table TWICE. Our dessert came before the mains. We had to shift tables, which was fine, but we had to do it twice. How do you judge service like that? Friendly but unaware and careless?

Cheese burger with salt-and-vinegar fries. I’d have picked curry for the flavor of the fries but unconsciously, I picked salt-and-vinegar, 14K’s favorite.  Salt-and-vinegar fries is a very UK thing. The last thing I had it at the Holland V branch, it was very tasty but this one is tasteless. I love the burger and thought the bun is very unique, definitely cannot be bought from supermarkets. Within the bread, it was light. The crust was crispy. The burger itself was ok, a beef patty, a slice of cheese.

Nutella Tart. Very depressing. I had been craving for it but the quality has gone south. No longer molten, it was more of a soft agar-agar texture. No longer hazelnutty, no longer chocolatey as before.

While the quality has gone south, the prices have gone north. We only had two burgers and a drink and a dessert and we had to pay $20 each. But overall, I’ll still give it another shot. The first experience at Holland V was too awesome that this lackluster experience couldn’t erase that. To be able to survive at Joo Chiat, where good food is aplenty, that’s something. But EWF needs to buck up a bit.

Everything With Fries
348 Joo Chiat Road
T: 6345 5034

Rating: 2.919/5 star

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