MOVED: Hooters, Clarke Quay

MOVED: Hooters has moved to 4 Marina Boulevard, #01-32 The Sail, Singapore 018986.

Hookerlily guest blogs:

It was my 18th birthday! Finally I can apply for license so when the police come and raid Geylang, I won’t have to run away with my Vietnamese friends! What’s a better place than Hooters to celebrate my birthday? So many potential customers there!  Very haps lor.

Regarding the service, Hooters Singapore is represented by Pinas waitresses, none is prettier than me. Unlike the other reviewers, I don’t think they have attitude problem. I think they’re just nonchalant. Seriously, why would anyone like to be a wait staff? Everyone just wants to be a pornstar. And contrary to the birthday photos you see on the Hooters website, the waitresses didn’t join in our fun; they left us alone. Which is fine because we are fun people by ourselves.

We ordered Chicken Swiss Style ($18.90), T-Bone Steak ($35.90), Garlic Butter Fillet ($18.90), Beef Fondue ($22.90), 50 pieces of Chicken Wing ($47.90), Fried Pickles ($9.50), and Curly Fries ($4.50). They all tasted like kopi-tiam standards. Geylang can eat a lot, cheaper some more. The food here was good enough to eat, but nothing spectacular. What you’re paying for is the convivial atmosphere.

Their specialty is supposed to be Chicken Wings, and we all agree that the Samurai sauce was best for the chicken wings. But still, Wise Guy ranks it #26 in the entire of Singapore. Tasty but not explosive. So if this is their specialty, you know what their standards are.

Another dish I’d recommend is the starter, Fried Pickles. It’s like eating potato chips, you really can’t stop eating it. It wasn’t as sour as you expected. It was more crispy, like potato chips.

They don’t serve water so mineral water goes for $4 a tiny bottle.

Overall, it’s not a place I’d visit but I had fun there. An angmoh offered me $500 an hour. Gotta go now and sleep early for church tomorrow. Spanks for reading!

3D River Valley Rd
Clarke Quay
Singapore 179023
T: 6332 1090

Rating: 2.599/5 stars

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