TinTine, Pahang St (Herbs & Spices)

Edit: Place has been renamed “Herbs & Spices” but the food and decor remain the same. Still quite nice.

Hookerlily guest-blogs:

You know how I know the American-accented waiter at Bar Stories is gay? Because he noticed my bag and commented how awesome it is. Actually huh, I think Wise Guy’s review on Bar Stories is a bit harsh. But nair mind him lah, he’s like that, a shit-stirrer and a bit of autocrat, like his Hakka relative, Lee Lube-brand-name.

Anyway, the nice waiter pointed us to TinTine, which is surprisingly affordable considering how it looks very classy. It’s nicely decorated with black as a main color, sleek. It was a strange restaurant, offering Italian and Indian cuisine. Wise Guy had eaten, so I ordered Butter Chicken, Palik Paneer and a Kapoosh Bread. The serving was small but I relished every bite of it although I felt that the food wasn’t as good as Bar Bar Black Sheep where I pick angmohs up angmohs pick me up. I know Bar Bar’s Indian food is not “authentic,” and is catered to the angmohs but the taste was richer, and the gravy was thicker than TinTine’s. Anyway, nothing is authentic these days, except my gravity-defying boobs. Although TinTine’s food was well executed, it lacked the kick. The butter chicken wasn’t creamy and rich enough, and the palik paneer was watery.

Overall, this is a nice place to chill out with inexpensive wines. Lovely jazz music. Good service. Food that you cannot complain about. It’s recommended by a gay boy, and I spotted a few gay boys here. (Hanging with Wise Gay for so long, I developed my own gaydar. I’m like a gay man trapped in a woman’s body.) So many gay men can’t be wrong. But don’t need to rush down from Johor just to patronize this place.

2 Pahang St
T: 6291 0717
M-S: 11am – 10.30pm
(I was there for a 2nd time on Saturday and sat till midnight)
Close on Sunday

Rating:  3.008/5 stars

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