Lao Ban Soya Beancurd (老伴豆花), Old Airport Road

This is singularly one of the most AMAZING thing in the world.

I never queue. I hate queueing. I think there is good food everywhere so I never queue. But I queued 30 minutes for this beancurd – and it was SO worth the time.

It’s not normal beancurd. There is no sugar syrup. The entire thing itself was agar-agar (jelly for you angmohs). You put it in your mouth, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and the whole solid piece bursts into liquid soya milk!!! I kid you not. It’s like the fourth state, solid, liquid, gas, and this one is solid-liquid. No wonder every person buys 20 packets at one go!

I told my sister and she said, don’t exaggerate. I asked her to try and she was, “OMG. HOW COME?!? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?? It defies the laws of nature!!”

I told hookerlily and she said, “It’s like an ejaculation, hard in the mouth, liquid later.”

There are two flavors, the original ($1.50) (cutely called “老” (presbyopia) punning on the word “豆“) and almond($2) (or “老” (old people) punning on 杏). Of the two, I think the original is much sweeter, tasting a bit of brown sugar. The almond one, however, is less “soft” than the original.

The pretty daughter in charge of packing and money is very sweet and polite and friendly. This family is going to get so rich.

Tip: You can call them to make reservations.

DIE, DIE, Must eat!!

(Edit: Also read Bonjour Soya Beancurd).

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd
Old Airport Rd Hawker Center Blk 51
(It’s the last row away from the main road or the first row closest to the multi-storey carpark.)
Singapore 390051
Tue-Sat: 11pm-8pm
Sun: 1.30pm-8pm
(But go early, it sells out very fast.)
T: 8181 2201

Rating: 5/5


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  1. There’s quite a few stalls selling this type of beancurd now. Should try the stall called QQ Soyabean (also at old airport road). Taste better than Lao Ban, and best part is, waiting time is short. Guess it is a hidden treasure for now. Should faster buy it quick before it gets discovered by others and end up have to q like siao also..


  2. I prefer Rochor Beancurd House Pudding. It really melts in your mouth n it taste wholesome.

    I also get to eat my traditional youtiao and butterfly bun snacks at the stall!


  3. Lao ban beancurd is vastly over rated. Makes no sense to queue for beancurd of this quality. The beancurd stalls in Honglim beat it handsdown and it’s cheaper


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