Closed – Mouth Restaurant (地茂馆), Chinatown Point

My ho peng you‘s birthday and 7 of us, bengs and lians, swaggered down to Mouth Restaurant for their dim sum because according to one ah lian, it is the bestest ho chiak dim sum she has. Wu ngia bo? And I believe her because she has good taste and has eaten at many places.

We booked at 3pm because we got discount coopon mah. 30% discount leh, don’t play play. When I was on time, the table not laydy yet. Not cleared. Why like dat? Buay steady leh. The reaction of the waitress like she forgot we made reservation like that. very blur cock.

The decor macham 20 years never re-renovated. It’s not bad lah, got old school charm with the rosewood, but can they at least have slightly brighter lights? wanna save money meh?

And another complaint is they no toilet one. Must use Chinatown point public toilet. How can? this is a reputable restoreant leh, not some kopi tiam. Public toilet very dirty. Ruin my appetite leh.

The selvice is very curt and unfriendly. I flirt flirt with the waitress, she never even smile lor. Then she cut me off mid-sentence. Plus, how come we pour our own tea one? Chinese restoreant leh, it’s a service, we got pay service charge ok?

But actualli hor, I say say only lah. We are very green vegetable one, we don’t mind there is no toilet, grumpy service, and dark lights. We only want to eat ho chiak food. We ordered two baskets each of almost of all the dim sum except for the char siew bao. I don’t know who is the idiot who decided on only 1 basket, so we 7 had to share three char siew bao, until one ah lian told one ah beng, “aiya, you take the bao.” Ah beng replied, “no lah you take.” Ah lian said, “You take.” Ah beng said, “No, no you take.” Repeat a few times until I cannot take it and I said.

I said, “You guys act finished alady?” and ordered another basket of char siew bao.

So the char siew bao is highly recommended. The skin of the bun was very soft and fluffy, very ethereal. The char siew was slightly burnt to give that crispy edge, contrasting with the skin. Very well-done.

Another dish I like is the steamed carrot cake, very smooth like jelly. Very comforting.

The scallion chicken ($24 for entire chicken) was very delicious too once you get beyond the luminous yellow skin. It was very tender and smooth, so smooth the chicken would slide down your throat. It’s a test of your gag reflex. Eat more BJ ice kalim.

I’m on the fence with the siew mai, which didn’t taste like siew mai, but more like minced meat with mushroom. It tasted lighter than original siew mai, with the pork taste completely eradickated. I like it that it’s refleshing but I didn’t like it that it didn’t taste like the traditional siew mai.

Since we were there at 3pm, the dim sum had been steaming for some time so the skin broke very easy or was stuck to the rice-paper, which was very disappointing. Some of the dim sum disintegrated when we tried to pick it up.

After the 30%, we paid $18 each. Very worth the money. If the service and amenities are improved, I would unreservedly recommend this place.

Mouth Restaurant
Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
T: 6534 4233
Weekdays: 11am – 11pm
Weekends and PH: 10am-11pm

Rating: 3.099/5 stars


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