Cut (Bar), Marina Bay Sands

Very poor, very very poor. Drive so many lorry but boss hasn’t given me money yet. So cannot eat at the main restaurant. Only can have drinks at the bar. Sadness overcometh me and overflows the river. :(

The bar is a narrow strip with about 3-4 tables, transparent tables, leather swivel chairs of the 70s and dimmed yellow lights. Chic and sophisticated and classy, although the bar is just beside the corridor and people can and do peep in. I felt violated.

All cocktails are at $26 at the bar and they have very unique concoctions. 14K ordered Fog Rolling Over Mt Fuji and I ordered the Samurai Sword. Mine is a single-malt whiskey, yamazaki, with honey and ginger. The combinations weren’t mind-blowing, but at least they are fun.

We also ordered steak sandwiches ($28). If you want, you can throw in fries or onion rings ($14). Actually if you eat like this, you might as well eat in the restaurant, which is slightly more expensive than the bar grub. Anyway, the steak sandwiches had a very complex and interesting taste – it’s like rainbows, having a little of everything; it’s sweet with teriyaki sauce and salty (too salty for me). There was something in it–was it caramelised onions or mushroom–that made it extra delicious, sweet and musky. The baguette, though crispy, were rather tough. Overall, tasty but could have been less salty. But both 14K and I decided we should come back for the main restaurant after tasting the steak sandwiches, which says a lot for the standard of the sandwiches.

One strange thing is the music. Rock music – seriously, at a classy bar?

The service was excellent, one of the best. The Pina waitresses were attentive and polite.

Overall, as a bar, it has great service, interesting drinks, great decor, but the chairs were too far apart for any intimate talking. And you can’t move the chairs because they are too heavy.

Marina Bay Sands
T: 6688 8517
M-T: 6pm-10pm
F-S: 6pm-11pm
Closed on Sun

Rating: 4.219/5 stars 


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