Closed: Burger Bench & Bar, Orchard

Burger Bench will be serving the last burger on 31 July so I feel oblige to write about it. Every time I pass by Burger Bench & Bar, I see that it isn’t as crowded as the fastfood and other restaurants nearby. Now, Singaporeans, if I have one thing to say about eating, it would be: STOP EATING JUNK.

I’ve eaten here a few times, and Burger Bench & Bar’s burgers are very delicious and comforting. Sure, the ingredients aren’t organic but at least they are not made of processed meat loaded with chemical preservatives.

The other day, I ordered the Chicken Breast burger ($8.50) at the counter, got a number, and they sent the burger to me. Chicken Breast because it’s healthy, low-fat, high in proteins. I love it that the joint provides healthy alternatives to their more unique burgers such as green curry catfish burger ($8.20) and Japanese curry torikatsu burger ($8.20). It has caramelized onions, shredded cabbage or some vegetable, pickles, and they bothered to stuff the breast with sundried tomatoes. Although chicken breast is tough in general, the more I ate it, the happier I got. At least this chicken breast was juicy, so it was not overcooked. The vegetables were crunchy and fresh. It was filling up my stomach and yet I felt light.

Two minor grouches I have is: the restaurant could have been more positive. For instance, at the condiments corner, it wrote, “Mustard: Not for non-beef burgers.” See the negativity? Two negatives: “not” and “non.” It could have been rephrased by saying “Usually for beef burgers.” I think this negativity spills over so that the workers looked tired. The second gripe I have is: if this is a healthy joint, as it promotes itself, then why are the condiments processed? And the buns of the burgers too? Go all the way, man.

Overall, I like this place very much. So now you have two choices: (1) continue eating the fast-food crap and end up with cancer or (2) eat healthy. Your body is your temple. Don’t let another healthy joint close down again.

Burger Bench & Bar
Cathay Cineleisure

Rating: 3.779/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Fusion, Orchard, Western

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