Lor Mee 178, Tiong Bahru

I drove lorry one, so I got to know a lot of construction workers. I just got to know one from China, let’s call him Mao Mao (aka Hair-Hair) because:

His data could be found under the Contributors page. He wrote this entry:

Xie xie, Wisez Guyz four let me write diz bulogzi too improf my Englishzi. I no money so can only eatzi at hawkerzi. Today, I walkzi Tiong Bahru and see stall with big namez, “Lu Mian Yi Qi Ba” so I know itz famouzi. So many peoplez pai-dui-ing. (Editor’s note: “queuing.”) I knowz in Xin Jia Po, I has to pai-dui, not like Da Lu. Waited for 15 minutez before I gots my Lu Mian with extra deep fried sharks meat ($3 + $1 extra meat).

Goot friendly seller but nothingz specialzi. The lor (editor: “sauce”) iz too watery, no tastez, very blandz. The sharkz meat is fleshzi but most of itz flour. So is the wu xiang (5-spiced), mostly flour. Not worthz the pai-dui-ing.

Lor Mee 178
Tiong Bahru Market
(close on Wed)

Rating: 2.672/5 stars 


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