No. 1 Western Food (驰名西餐), Tanglin Halt Market

Since many people are forwarding my entry on Bonjour Soya Beancurd, I want to introduce another stall at Tanglin Halt too, the No. 1 Western Food or in mandarin, Distance Name Western Food. The stall is facing directly opposite Bonjour Soya Beancurd. So now, you can go there for both beancurd and Western food.

I’ve been eating the Western food for years and I tell you, it remains as awesome as before! 50 years no change! (say say 50 years only lah, I’m only 18 years old.) My mouth is watering now as I type this.

I always order the Steak ($6.00). Before the hawker center was renovated, when the uncle still had his old grill, the steak had char crisp edges with wok hei! Now, although the grill is new, I love it that the meat isn’t overcooked, unlike other hawker stalls’ steaks, so the meat remains tender and chewy. And the steak is drowned in secret sauce! I can’t tell what is in the sauce but the sauce is slightly sweet tomato-y so it compliments the beef, bringing up the aroma in “beef-iness,” instead of masking the beef. The steak, which is 1/5 the price of Jill’s Place–not Jill lah, the male version, but I don’t want to be sued–is about 5.8 times more delicious than the steaks at Jill’s Place! I think I may be overselling the steak here, but seriously, it is as good as it can get at such a low price.

14K had the chicken chop ($5). I only had a bite of it and I thought the secret sauce was good on the chop too. The chop is tender but not overly so, so you know they don’t use tenderizer. But I still think the secret sauce went better with the steak. It’s very rare to find good hawker steaks.

The Husband-Wife duo are very friendly too. After eating, I had the glow of bliss emanating from within me. There are cheap and good Western food too.

No. 1 Western Food
Blk1A Commonwealth Dr
Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre
Sun: 1pm-9pm
Sat-Fri: 3pm-9pm
Close on Tuesday

Rating: 3.892/5 stars


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