Jian Bo Shui Kueh (楗柏水果), Tiong Bahru

Xie xie, Wise Guy, for give me the opottchunity to right this bulogzi again. I iz Mao Mao. Ni hao. That day, we eatzi at shui guo, but it’s not fruitz ok? England translation iz “water cake.” Hokkiens call itz “chwee kueh.” Mao Mao love the Bedok famouz one, so Mao Mao one to try diz one.

First eye lookz at the chwee kueh, Mao Mao knowz itzi beri nicez because itz 晶莹剔透. (Editor: ENGLISH please.) Ok, ok, because itz beri jing ying ti tou, like crystal. (Editor: meaning translucent.) One mouth bitez into it konfirm me suspicions, beri nicez. Soft and smoothzi. But Mao Mao got one little conplain, the reserved radish not zalty enaff and the la jiao (editor: “chili”) no kick. The la jiao dink itz Jet Li, no-shadow kick, so it got no kick. But Mao Mao dinks the stall iz gooder than the average chwee kueh stalls. Can buyz more. 4 for $1.20; 8 for $2.

Jian Bo Shui Kueh
Blk 30 Seng Poh Rd
Tiong Bahru Market
6am-11pm daily

Rating: 3.191/5 stars 


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