CLOSED: Stacked Dim Sum Bar, Robertson Quay

It is no secret that Robertson Quay is one of our lairs and each time we walk past Stacked, we say we want to try it. What attracts us is the decor. A vibrant energy, with very industrial, modern and elemental setting of wood and gravel floor. What had stopped us from entering was not many people go there. We are chickens mah, in all sense of the word.

Note: the huge fan on the ceiling is so cute, it’s called “Big Ass Fan.” A more subtle name would be J. Lo’s Fan.

And finally, we did Stacked! It was a great experience and the joint definitely deserves more patrons. We applaud the concept of using dim sum as bar grub and these dim sum aren’t ordinary dim sum; they are fusion, incorporating Thai, Italian and English ingredients. Stacked makes their dim sum fresh daily and many of the dim sum are suitable for vegetarians.  However, dim sum as bar grub means that they are mostly fried (fried food goes with beer). You know lah, I need to watch my hourglass figure.

Char Siew Soo

Custard Bun

Pesto Scallop Dumpling; Shredded Duck Dumpling; and Margherita Dumpling

Chilli Crab Bun

Mildly Spicy Salted Egg Squid

Stewed Pork Belly with White Bun

It is possible to dissect thoroughly all the food we ate if we were to live for a thousand years. Seriously, look at the stacks of food we had on our table. It’s like we were storing up fat for hibernation for winter.

Mildly Spicy Salted Egg Squid ($12): Very addictive, chewy and tasty, wash down with beer very, very well. Once you eat, you can’t stop. If you want that (man-)slut of a third party in your relationship to gain weight, buy her or him this.

We had 3 out of 5 of Stack’s signature dumplings, which the boss and chefs experimented and came out with. Scallop Pesto Dumpling ($8.90): dry scallop with italian basil pesto with mayo. Hookerlily liked the texture of the skin, reminiscent of the deep-fried yam ball dim sum thing—does it even have a name?? I preferred the Shredded Duck Dumpling ($8.90). It tastes like Beijing Duck, got lots oomph to it. Very shiok biting into it. Add balsamic vinaigrette to the Margherita Dumpling ($8.90), a vegetarian dish inspired by the Margherita pizza. Hookerlily and I are maneaters, so we don’t like vegetarian food very well, although we admitted it is innovative.

Another dumpling, though not their signature, is satisfactory. Sichuan Grouper Fish dumpling with chili oil and white vinegar sauce ($8.50) is appetizing with it slightly sour taste – and the fish is fresh.

14K, Hookerlily and I appreciated that the buns come with the options of steamed or fried. But we didn’t take a liking to the Chili Crab Pau ($8.90). Understandable that the skin has to be thick to contain the sauce, but there isn’t much sauce and the chili lacks kick. That being said, we ordered so many dishes, and this is the only one that we didn’t like.

Another bun, Custard Pau ($5.90), is a MUST ORDER. It’s different from the one I raved about at Mouth Restaurant. It is healthier and not so jelak, not so greasy and excessive. Although there is salted egg in this bun, the main star is the custard, so the bun has a complexity of sweetness with just a slight tinge of eggy saltiness.

The prawn cake with aparagus ($10.50) is a little oily but 14K and Hookerlily jumped to its defense, saying the restaurant really packs lots of prawns in it and the texture is bouncy and firm.

The traditional dim sum is among the most excellent of the dishes. Lots of love went out to the char siew soo ($5.90) and although we couldn’t taste the XO, the XO carrot cake is addictive. The stewed pork belly with bun ($9.50) is passable. The har gow was wicked, nice chewy skin with very fresh prawns.

For desserts, we had sweet potato with red bean paste ($6.90) and Mango Sago (in a cup) with vodka ($7.90). Hookerlily liked the sweet potato; but we trio all worshipped the mango sago. The mango and shot of vodka come in separate cups, so you’ve the option of adding vodka or not. My advice is: add it in. ALL of it. The bitterness vodka makes the mango less sweet and more reinvigorating. It perked us up completely. What a nice end to a heavy meal!

Since this is a bar, there are special drinks too. Asian Mojito ($16) has chili in it, but we didn’t try that one. We went for Lychee Beer ($11) and Honeydew Beer ($11). I’ve to say, I can drink 200 bottles of these things. Normally beers are heavy, but these fruit beers are stimulating.

Dim Sum means a “little of heart.” But from the food, there is a lot of heart here. Overall, we think that the food is innovative and fun and the ambience is very pleasant. We are already planning to go back next week.

60 Robertson Quay
The Quayside
Singapore 238252
T: 9677 8281
M-Th: 3.30pm-11.30pm
F: 3.30pm – 1am
S: 1pm-1am
Sun &PH: 1pm – 11.30pm

Rating: 3.375/5 stars


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