Coffee Bean Beanstro, Marina Bay Sands

I try very hard to avoid chain restaurants and I certainly don’t want to blog about fastfood or coffee chain places. But this outlet of Coffee Bean is unique because it is a proper restaurant. (Other outlets serve pasta and sandwiches too–and I love the pasta!–but this one is a more a restaurant than a coffee place.)

It has a very good location, right at what I call the “Toilet Bowl” of MBS, which flushes down the water in a very Toilet-Bowl way. I don’t know why people are fascinated by this, throwing money at it as if it were a wishing well. I heard they collected millions of dollars from the “Toilet Bowl.” Can come to my house to throw money in my toilet bowl please? And people also actually sit in little sampans (don’t act high crass and call gondolas lah) and row in the tiny pool of water. Coffee Bean has tables surrounding the pool of water and I thought it’s very strange if you are a Coffee Bean customer and sit around the pool of water; are you watching the sampan or is the sampan watching you?

We had a late lunch/early dinner at 4pm plus because we needed to go to NPD preview. Patriotic gay men! Stand up for Singapore! And at such a unseemly hour, there was a queue for Coffee Bean!! Who eats at 4pm?! As you can tell from the photos of the food that we were seated in a bad position where the sun slanted in at 5pm, causing skin damage to our snow-white Zhang-Zi-Yi delicate skin. Luckily, gay men always wear UV sunscreen. SPF 1500.

We ordered fries, mushroom pasta and a steak, all coming up to only $50 something. McDonald’s has better fries, the mushroom pasta tasted plasticky, and the steak wasn’t of a good quality – BUT the fries were hot, the pasta was cheap, and the steak, ordered medium-rare, was done correctly and was tasty with the mushroom sauce.

The service was quite good because although the restaurant was packed, the servers were faster than Speedy Gonzales. Epa, epa, andale, andale! We were rushing for time and the servers met our expectations.

On the whole, I think the “beanstro” is value-for-money and the service, though not intimate, is swift. Not a bad ambience too. Coffee Bean has great cakes too. If you’re broke at MBS–not a good place to be broke–and don’t want to pay for unreasonably priced hawker food at food court, Beanstro is an alternative.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Beanstro
Marina Bay Sands
T: 6688 7001

Rating: 3.017/5 stars

Categories: $20-$40, Marina Bay, Western

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