QQ Soya Beancurd, Old Airport Road

A reader informed me that the solid-burst-in-your-mouth-into-liquid beancurd is ubiquitous now and she recommended QQ Soya Bean. Having tasted Lao Ban Soya Beancurd, and Bonjour Soya Beancurd, the winning factor of QQ is that there is not much Q(ueue). But it also scores lowest on Q aka smoothness. It doesn’t burst in the mouth! (Lao Ban scores highest in this category.)

Secondly, QQ beancurd tastes like normal beancurd. I don’t know if you notice but there is a slightly burnt brown sugar taste to Lao Ban and Bonjour. This really depends if you’re a traditionalist or if you prefer innovations. Personally, I like the taste of Bonjour, a slight hint of brown sugar but not overpowering, not enough to trigger my impeding diabetes like Lao Ban can.

I’d still recommend QQ Beancurd but I’d prefer Lao Ban or Bonjour.

QQ Soya Beancurd
Blk 51 Old Airport Rd
Old Airport Rd Food Centre
Singapore 3900051
T: 8339 3459 (call to reserve or for delivery)
11am-8pm daily

Rating: 3.947/5 stars


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