Lawry’s, Orchard

Hello Everybadyyyyy! It’s your favorite food blogger, Ms Atas!!! That daaayyy, I one-ted to shew my Australian boyfriend of to my frens…oops, no no, I mean I one-ted to show my frens of to my Australian boyfriend, so we cum here in a party of ten. My frens are sooo rude, you know, they started eating without us…I was only late for 1.5 hours waaatt.

Anyway, we were in the corner of the opulent resstorant, very hard to get the staff attention, yoooou know. Like we asked them to take our orders THREE times and we waited so long for them to come take our orders.

I see my friends starting drinking 2 bottles of wine ($60 per bottle, house wine), I quickly asked the waitress to pour me a glass. Cannot let my frens take advantage ok? Must drink more than them to get my money’s worth! Frugal, not cheap! The wine is average quality, not those cheap sharp wine – but then again, the wine isn’t cheap.

The free bread is cold and hard.

My frens think it’s gimmicky and degrading for the waitresses to dress up like french maids but it’s ok what for the ambience. My Australian boyfriend also ask me to dress like dat. But I iz virgin ok? I iz a good Christian girl. My frens also think it’s very gimmicky to get the waitress to spin the salad bowl while pouring dressing on it. What matters is the taste, but the vegetables are browning at the edges like the flower epergne on the table. Taste-wise, it is a good balance but what could go wrooong with fat dressing?

The first time I was at Lawry’s, still at Paragon, I ordered medium-rare (which is how steaks should be done) and it tasted soooo smelly like the cow still has fur on it, unprocessed, unwashed. I nearly vomited and stopped eating after first bite. So revolting. (wow, you see, I know my American english! I know “revolting.”)

This time, I ordered Lawry’s Cut ($82.90),  at medium. The steak is cut soooo badly, with jagged edges. There is still a sniff of the smelly unwashed furry cow taste but less strong. And while everything tasted good, the steak is cold, precooked beforehand, and I don’t like cold food.

There were at least 7 birthday celebrations that night. And when we finished eating, we didn’t even signaled to the waitress, they immediately carted out our cake (cutting fees: $5). Somebady can’t wait to knock off!

Overall, it’s not value-for-money, not especially delicious, gimmicky. Poor service. But I iz Ms Atas! As long as it’s expensive, I will still return!

Lawry’s Singapore 
Mandarin Gallery, #04-01
T: +65 6836 3333
11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-10pm

Rating: 2.738/5

Categories: >$60, Large Group, Orchard, Western

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