Jin Xing Hong Kong Roasted Meat, Serangoon

Wise Guy tellzi Mao Mao abou K.F. Si-tu who giftzi this stall five out of sex chopsticks in Makansutra. So Mao Mao drived his boss lorry to cum here, Ideal Coffeeshop.

Wow, so ulu also got long Q! Must be goot! Mao Mao iz so hunkry after my construcsion workzi, so Mao Mao order 2-person portion of mixed roast including char siew, siew yok (pork belly), roasted duck, roasted chicken and pork ribs and a watercrest spare rib soups. So gui! $20 over dollars. More expensive than food court.

All the roast have a lil’ char at the edges, so making it beli delicious but they are also tough too chew. The char siew iz especially hard. But the roasted duck and chicken are tasty; the char-siew-sauced ribs are averagezi; but the pork belly iz the best, very fatty, with crispy skin. Skip da soup. The foot iz not hot, and Mao Mao Mama says hot foot goot, cold foot baat.

In summary, altho Mao Mao was beli hunkry, the foot iz not goot eatzi. Not smooth count (editor’s note: value-for-money in mandarin). Why got q? Mao Mao needzi to go carry a fewz bagzi of sand now to earn back such a gui meal.

Jin Xing Hong Kong Roasted Meat
Blk 214 Serangoon Ave 4
Ideal Coffeeshop
Off-days: ad hoc

Rating: 2.667/5 stars

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