Ku De Ta (skybar review), Marina Bay Sands

Thirsty Go Where continues…

 (Photo credit from Ku De Ta Website.)

With Ku De Ta. I kept forgetting how to pronounce so my friend taught me to remember it as “Cool Data.” We four went up there and it was packed on a weekday night. Packed with angmohs and expats. It was so crowded and hot that there was no ambience to speak off, and the night scene wasn’t quite as spectacular as one would have thought.

We couldn’t get a standing table, the waiter refused to find us one. He informed us, with his nose up in the air, that to get a low table with comfy seats, we need to spend $1,500. He dashed off immediately, without waiting for a response. Perhaps he was busy.

There was a group of middle-age businessmen sitting at a low table with a young Chinese scantily-clad girl. Hookerlily would have just sat down with them–the young girl can’t handle so many–but the rest of us were utterly disgusted by the sight we left for the hotel bar, Rise, and would never go to Ku De Ta again, not even for the restaurant food. Disappointing.

ThirstyGoWhere? Not Ku De Ta. You’ll die of thirst first.

Ku De Ta
Marina Bay Sands North Tower
1 Bayfront Ave
Singapore 018971
12noon till late
T: 6688 7688

Rating: 1.774/5 stars


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  1. Do you have a problem with the the service and finding it is more expensive than your budget? Or was it really just seeing a local girl sitting with foreigners in a high end social venue?

    You say it was disgusting to see middle-aged foreigners sitting with a scantily clad local lass (note the negative connotations you imagine – honestly was she nude and ‘servicing’ them in the bar?). She could be the receptionist, or a vendor, or maybe someones girlfriend… take your pick. It is far more likely than her being a prostitute waiting to be done by the group. Although that plays well with your prejudicial viewpoint and warped imagination. Unbelievable!

    I’d say your review is completely biased and should be disregarded by anyone that isn’t a bigot.

    Tsk tsk… Not very objective.


    • Thanks for your comment, Stephen.

      I do have a problem with the service: they ignore locals. In fact, a few friends went (not with me) and they too complained to me about the service.

      Well, if you’ve been through my food and bar index, you’d know I don’t mind paying for good food. The issue isn’t the money but the way the waiter quoted a price offhandedly like he was uppish. All the seats were occupied and there was no way he could give us a table even if we had paid the money; it seemed like he was just being difficult and he went without waiting for a reply.

      People who go to bars like to know the clientele because different bars cater to different target audience. I was observing what I saw although I’ve never once said the young girl amidst the middle-aged men is a prostitute. You’re the one who said it. On my part, I doubt she was the receptionist (because there were already two at the entrance); she wasn’t the girlfriend because they seemed shy; and she definitely wasn’t a PR because she was too young to handle clients by herself. She might occupy any other positions but I emphasized I’ve never said she’s a whore. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and perhaps you should too before jumping to conclusions. :) name-calling won’t solve any problems.


    • Stephen,

      There had been complaints about hookers hanging around this place already. One of them is from the blogger, Grumpy Spinster.

      I rather spend that thousand plus dollars on Waku Ghin than on such a place filled with staff displaying such snobbish attitute.


  2. I’m all for Stephen. I rate this review 1 out of 5. 1 for the warning bout the service. The lack of stars are for the unnecessary judgmental view. If anyone have problems socializing with anyone non-local, go to Mr. Teh Tarik. Or go home.


    • are you kidding? I dated so many non-locals. I definitely don’t have a problem with that. Come on. my blog is all about diversity and inclusiveness. You’re missing the point here. The point is the rude service and the strange clientele.


  3. I just got back from this Ku De Ta Sky Bar… this is my 1st and last time going there… drinks were horrible.. very diluted, horrible snobbish waitress who refused to give me the empty table of 4 seats just because I am a local. The minute she saw me walked back towards my caucasian husband and my motherin-law, she quickly offered us back the table. This is really humiliating. What so great about this waitress? I really don’t understand… just a filipino, working there as a waitress… Why behave such a way???
    I have been to many bars round the world… they are so gorgeous and with good polite manners.
    I promise I will never spend a single cents in this bar nor step into it.
    Why not the bar just put a sign there saying that locals are not welcome… we only wants rich foreigners.
    Thus, we locals will not go there to get humiliated.


  4. From an Ang Moh’s perspective I can tell you that the Ku De Ta staff are just as rude and snobbish to foreigners as they are to locals. I’ve never encountered such arrogant service in a very, very long time. For the price they charge for drinks I would expect a lot less attitude. My friends and I dumped almost $500 one night there on drinks yet when we walked to the side of the joint to look at the view we were very abruptly told to get back to the bar. Unless you are a VIP there you are NOTHING. Nasty, nasty place. Never again


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