Rise Lounge (Bar Review), Marina Bay Sands

We came down from the disappointing Ku De Ta Skybar and went to the Rise, MBS hotel bar lounge.

What a strange place! The shape is like one of the blocks in the tetris game, an inverted “T” but with a short stem. At the intersection is a round bar and at the end of the short stem was a very, very good singer but the seats are along the long base, so the round bar effectively blocks the drinkers from looking at the singer! It’s like an episode of the X factor where the judges pick the contestant to be on their team without looking at him or her!

And the patrons. You’d think there are many hotel guests here but they are mostly Singaporeans. A large group of Singaporeans was celebrating a birthday, and I’d like to add, they didn’t smell very good. I’m sorry, I’ve a sensitive nose.

The ambience wasn’t very conducive to chat and after that, two of us argued. Not a place we’d return but hey it’s opened for 24 hours so if you need your alcohol fix at 6am, come here.

Rise Lounge
Marina Bay Sands
Hotel Atrium, Tower 1
T: 6688 5525
24 hours

Rating: 3.138/5 shots

(Photo credit: Taken from their website.)


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