Viva Mexico, Cuppage Terrace

 (Photo Credit: From Viva Mexico Facebook)

Before I let Mr NGFL review this restaurant–and I assure you his reviews are boring–I’ve to point out: seriously, which other food blog shows an establishing shot of a restaurant by showing you this awesome basin?


One fine day, Wise Guy, Hookerlily, Chiobu and I felt like singing our hearts out so we met for dinner first. After a hard day’s work, I was late and Chiobu and Wise Guy, two starving people, had already ordered and started eating.

Wise Guy ordered the Beef Fajita ($24) while Chiobu, Chicken Fajita ($22). When Wise Guy’s sizzling hotplate dish appeared, he clapped gleefully and exclaimed, “Oh my god, oh my god, so awesome!!!” After tasting it, he said again, “Oh my god, so awesome!” Chiobu’s reaction was similar although more subdued. The aroma was to-die-for. The chicken was tenderer than the beef.  The advantage of ordering fajita is that you can adjust the condiments to your own liking–Wise Guy just added till the sauces dripped–but he groaned when receiving the bill, “Wah lah eh, condiments also need to pay.” Cheese ($3), sour cream ($4) and guacamole.

Hookerlily and I arrived latter and she wanted to sit inside the air-con restaurant, so we shifted from the al fresco area. She ordered the chicken fajita while I wanted something different, Burrito Shrimp ($22).

It was alrigh’ you know. A little too salty and everything was wrapped and seasoned. But at least the sour cream here was free.

Although we were stuffed by now, Wise Guy’s beary stomach was never complete without dessert and so we four shared a vanilla flan ($9). It was very smooth but Wise Guy would beg to differ. He said, with his nose in the air, “I had better and $9 is too expensive!”

Hookerlily commented that the silk shirts the waiters–for they are all male–wore were awesome and she expected them to break into a dance any time. The service was top-notched; the glasses were always filled and the servers were very attentive and polite and eager.

There is also complimentary nachos and salsa dip. We ordered two margaritas–one for Wise Guy and one for me–which weren’t very good and the bill came up to $164 for four persons.

My colleague recommended me this place, saying this is one of the best Mexican food you can find in Singapore, and I’m glad it turned out great!

Viva Mexico
23 Cuppage Rd
Cuppage Terrace
Singapore 229453

Rating: 3.669/ 5 chimichangas 


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