MOVED: K Ki ケーキ, Ann Siang Hill

Moved to SOTA (School of the Arts) at Dhoby Ghaut.

Was looking for The Patissier. Can you imagine a gay man lost at a gay territory? Please revoke my Gay License. Thanks. So I stumbled upon K Ki and remembering that my cyber BFF, The Endangered Sartorialist, blogging about it, I entered. The shop space houses two shops: a cake shop on one side, very Japanese, very white with wooden birch chairs enough for 10 patrons at most. The only side is a hoarder’s paradise, stacked with paraphernalia of nostalgic things: polaroid cameras, sharpeners and magazines. Who will buy? Can earn money meh?

I whispered to Mr NGFL (because the shop was so quiet, no music), “Do you think the decor is very pretentious?”

He said, “But you’re pretentious what.”

“True lah…but I try not to be, I try to be down-to-earth.”

Mr NGFL had the Kinabaru (pictured above, $8), alternate layers of coconut and passionfruit mousse, giving it a zesty, refreshing and light taste. “Exactly what I wanted,” Mr NGFL sighed in contentment.

The Antoinette ($8) is the shape of my emo tear. Sob sob. I didn’t expect to finish the cake and in fact, I was resisting the cake because I’m a grumpy old man who delights in giving bad reviews to places that people praise highly. But there are no other words to describe the cake except “sublime” and “ethereal.” The white chocolate mousse was as light as air; it was like I was eating gossamer. I expected intense, excessive sweetness, yet it wasn’t. It was a subtle sweetness, a sweetness that comes as an aftertaste. And surprise! at the center of the teardrop hides a sweet heart of mango mousse. At the top are some ginger bits. Mango, white chocolate and ginger make such strange bedfellows yet they compliment each other perfectly; the milkiness of the white chocolate; the tanginess of the mango, and the sharp spiciness of the ginger – perfection. This has to be the best cake I’ve ever eaten in Singapore. I want to return to eat all their 8 or 10 types of cakes.

The Service:

Mr NGFL: I think the baker’s cute.

Wise Guy: He’s wearing a mask! You can’t even see his face! Wait, don’t distract me. I am thinking of the questions to ask him. I’m sure the cakes are made of fresh cream because they are so light [most bakeries use cream cheese because it has a longer shelf life]. I will ask him that [yes, the cakes are made of fresh cream].. and what other questions?

Mr NGFL: Ask for his “shoe size”?

So yes, that is our extent of review on service these days: cute or not. But when I asked the baker questions, he was very helpful and cheerful. I said to the waiter, “Oh my friend has a question to ask you..” and Mr NGFL blushed like the sunset!!!

Overall, BEST CAKES EVER. Cute service. Only slightly pretentious place. Our only complaint is that the cakes are so small and costly. No GST, but there is service tax, coming up to $18 for two cakes. But I think it’s more worth it than at Antoinette.

K Ki Sweets
7 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069791
T: 6225 6650
E: hello@kki-sweets.com
T-Sat: 12-7pm
Sun: 1-7pm
Closed on Monday.

Rating: 3.935/5 stars


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    • that wouldn’t have been my first choice but an idiot reserved the chocolate cake already and left it standing prettily on the display. Anyway, chocolate is too common so I was glad in the end I took the Antoinette.

      Get ready for Saint Julien! :)


  1. Tried K Ki after reading your raving review (you seldom rave about places, really).

    The cakes are extremely light and delicate. Really awesome if you prefer light cakes. Sadly, I prefer heavier, denser cakes. But, still, I swear these are some of the most unique cakes I’ve tasted. You can really feel how much effort the guys put into it.

    Tried Emily and Kinabaru (Antoinette was sold out :(). Kinabaru was actually sold out too, but the baker told me he’d cut one just for me. Heh, excellent service.

    Also…never knew that Tanjong Pagar is gay center?


    • haha, you’re right, I can be a difficult bitch to please! People have called me curmudgeon to my face before. :)

      I try not to discriminate cakes but I prefer light ones, and it’s very Singaporean to prefer light ones. Have you lived overseas before? Do you have any places to recommend for heavy cakes?

      Just ten years ago, before its gentrification, Ann Siang Hill was where gay people went to cruise and had sex along the alleys, including the space in front of K Ki!


      • Nope, never lived overseas. Unless you count Malaysia…(I’m from JB). And food in JB is totally not up to par with Singapore. Even hawker food….the only cake-cafe place that’s remotely worth checking out is Cheeselicious along Jalan Kuning 2.

        Hehe, thanks for the gay history lesson. I never knew….


        • wow, you’re very honest. Usually people will prefer their hometown food, since they grew up eating it.

          I don’t think I will ever go to Cheeselicious. But if I do, i’ll update my website.

          Very sad that gay history is kept underground for political reasons. It’s so colorful and fun and cultural.


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