Nakhon Kitchen, Kovan /Hougang

As Chiobu wrote this review, I looked over her shoulders and said, “Wahhhhh, need so many pictures a not arh?”

She replied, “I like.”

Ok, sounds like a valid reason to me.

Hello everybody. I’m back! I know my diehard fans have been missing me! So enjoy~ [Editor: Chiobu has fans meh?]

Yandao was in Serangoon Gardens so we decided to meet for dinner at Nakhon Kitchen since our last thai meal was eons ago. I’ve been raving about Nakhon to Yandao but Yandao was super skeptical. Are you sure it is nicer than Ah Loy Thai not? Actually I wasn’t sure but who cares! Now we get to eat authentic Thai food in da’ hood without going downtown to Shaw Tower or Orchard Towers!

We were at Nakhon on a Wednesday night, around 8.40pm and there was a long queue. Good sign. We saw ang mohs eating there too. Woah. The food must be really good. Yandao said maybe they live around this area but seriously, Kovan? Ang Mohs? Don’t match. Anyway, they took our orders while we were queuing. Good job! Service: Love that the people running the place are smart, efficient & prompt.

I kinda like the authentic Thai setting – King & Queen’s portraits on the wall, Thai souvenirs & Thai music blasting in the background. The waiting staff were all Thais. Even the condiments & toilet roll on the table is so Thai. I love!

Service was very prompt. Water was served once we sat down. Food came pretty quick as well.

YOU MUST ORDER TOM YUM GOONG PRAWNS ($6). Choose the thick soup! Yum. It’s sour, slightly spicy, thick and super yummy. I never had such good Tom Yam Goong! I could devour this all by myself. I love love love it. What’s good is that the prawns have already been de-shelled! The prawns were not fresh but I’m not a huge fan of prawns anyway.

There were plenty of abalone mushrooms in the soup. Lucky for me, Yandao only eats Portobello mushrooms so I got to eat all the mushrooms!

Skip the Pineapple Rice ($6). I think even Thai Express has nicer Pineapple Rice. Should have gone with Yandao’s suggestion to order plain rice. This Pineapple Rice has prawns, pork floss, pineapples (duh), mixed frozen vege, lup cheong & raisins in it. Lup cheong – FAIL. It had an awful taste. It tasted like meat that was sunned and dried. There was no effort to soak it in oil or add seasoning to make it tastier. I prefer claypot rice lup cheongs. The raisins were sweet and didn’t complement the Pineapple Rice at all. The entire plate was very oily.

I made this dish better by pouring my yummy tom yam goong over the rice.

Pandan Chicken ($6) smelt heavenly when it was brought to our table. The chicken pieces were big, tender & juicy (oily).

1 piece already so big. How 2 skinny people finish 4 pieces of Pandan Chicken?

I was practically turning the entire plate of Minced Beef with Basil Leaves ($8) upside down, searching for beef slices. We turned to the waitress beside our table and asked if they have forgotten to add the beef slices while frying. She told us it was meant to be minced beef. Both Yandao & I were so so disappointed. Why we so blind, never see menu properly? Who eats minced beef anyway? It came with onions, chilli and string beans. String beans were too crunchy! Tasted quite raw. I don’t like. This dish was very spicy. I’m the sort of Chiobu who pours an entire saucer of red chilli into my ban mians & fish soups but I couldn’t take the spiciness here. This dish was quite monotonous. Fail.

Drinks were good. Ice Milk Tea ($3): Very Gao! Not as sweet as the Iced Milk Tea I’ve drank in BKK but still good! Lemongrass ($3): Good & Refreshing! I didn’t know what else to order that’s non-carbonated and non-milky on the menu so this was a good choice!

Ooh! Another thing! If you are pregnant, crave for good Tom Yam Goong & don’t want to queue, this is the place to go. The staff gave priority to 2 pregnant ladies at the back of the queue. They specially set up tables for them and gave them chairs with backrest. The rest of us who were in the outdoor area were sitting on round stools. Thumbs up for their care!

Total bill for 2 pax: $32

Nakhon Kitchen
Operating Hours: 12 – 3pm, 5.30 – 10pm
Nakhon Group Pte Ltd
Blk 212 Hougang Street 21
Singapore 530212
Tel: 6286 8785
Fax: 6286 8741
Email: nakhon.kitchen@gmail.com

Rating: 3.496/5 tom yum goong

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