La Maison Du Whisky, Robertson Quay

We used to come here all the time. They sell mostly whisky, duh, as you can tell from the name, a very great selection, but the bartender, Tron, does wicked cocktails. These days, there are fancy bars, such as Drink Culture, that you give them a keyword and they will mix a cocktail for you, but these places already have a fixed list of cocktails anyway. Du Whisky isn’t like that; Tron doesn’t have a fixed list and can create on-the-spot. You can even name the cocktails. We tested him with the keywords “sex” and “nunnery.” “Sex” is always good even if it’s bad but the surprise is you wouldn’t suspect nuns taste so wild, this coming from a gay man. Tron’s interpretation of “nunnery” – so naughty! But be warn that when there are many customers or when the ice supply is low, he won’t obliged.  The ice is their downfall. Their ice is a special huge cube that fits perfectly in a whisky glass but it takes a long time to generate. (Management response: it has addressed the ice issue and serves cocktails every night! rock and roll!)

Great service, nice place to people-watch. Clientele is mostly business-men (yes, not many women) for an after work drink. You can buy bottles of whisky from them too. Ideal if you want some quiet time with your friends. Thirsty go where? The House of Whisky, please. And a spiffy Japanese businessman with nice shoes to go, please! Thanks!

La Maison Du Whisky
80 Mohd Sultan Rd
#01-10 The Pier@ Robertson Quay
Singapore 239013
T: 6733 0059
Closed on Sunday


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