Big Bad Wolf, Tanjong Katong

Thirsty Go Where continues with a gastrobar…

A new friend, Yen, commented on this site that I must must must go Big Bad Wolf. Actually, I’ve heard of the place before; it is featured in 8Days, iWeekly, Straits Times and Channel 5. Very famous lor. So I went down with Conspicuous Consumption (CC) whom I met at Sweet Charity launch.

Alamak! Forgot to take my battery which I was charging at home. Heng, CC got bring camera. All the photos are taken by him.

The place has a unpretentious and cozy ambience. It’s decorated to the theme of halloween, lots of fake cobwebs around. The most unique has to be the chair. I’m very particular about chairs because I’ve no flesh on my ass and it hurts if I sit on a hard surface for too long. The chairs here are those you find in your secondary and primary schools! But they added cushions–wow, very comfortable, can sit long long–and each chair is customized with hand-stitched silhouette of the cute Wolf logo. You can really see how much hard work is put into it.

The Boss recommend us some dishes and he suggested to pair food with beer. Beer pairing is very rare but I’m adventurous. Bring it on.

First Pairing: Blue Mussels ($12) in light cream sauce with onions, garlic, basil and white wine with Satan Gold ($13). While the blue mussels lack subtlety, the dish is such a crowdpleaser! Who doesn’t like cream sauce?!? Furthermore, the mussels were very well-cooked so that they were tender and soft. This is very smart pairing. When the cream sauce gets jerlat (excessive), wash it down beer.

In theory, any beer would do, Stella Artois and Hoegaarden are on tap. But the gastrobar brings in seasonal beers to suit the festivals. How awesome! and how fun is the packaging for the Satan Gold for Halloween. I am not a beer person but the beer was so easy to drink with flora taste of honey,fruity and just a slight tinge of bitterness. Easy to drink but with 8% alcohol content, slightly higher than other beers, which means your date will unknowingly drink large amount and… That’s why it’s called the Satan Gold!

It gets better.

Chef Salad ($12) with Linderman Kriek ($9). I felt like I was robbing the gastrobar. $12 for the salad???? There were so many ingredients: like the seasonal beer, the food changes with the season too–and on weekends, there are special food available, check out the blackboard–so there were figs, blue cheese, duck gizzard, etc. I lived in New York for four years, and I promise myself I won’t ill-treat myself again by eating another salad. But this one is very well-balanced, I carnivore actually liked it. Blue cheese is like durian, it’s downright smelly but when you eat it, it has such a creamy flavor. The creamy smelliness contrasted and complimented the sweet, pulpy figs. Throw in the duck, a rather sweet meat, which on one hand complimented the fig, and on the other, the meaty texture contrasted the smoothness of cheese and fruit. Quite delicious.

Enters the Kriek, a red-cherry beer. Some cherry beers taste like cough syrup but this one has a more tart and less bitter finishing, so it was fantastic! The passionate boss, who quit his cushy engineering job to risk opening a restaurant, explained so much to us about beer I felt like I should pay him tuition fees. Like wine, the mugs that beers come in affect the taste and aroma of the beers. For Satan Gold, the mug is like a wine glass, so the aroma lingers just slightly above the beer while for Kriek, it should be drunk in a flute-glass like champagne. The narrowness of the glass delivers the aroma into the nose directly.

This again is very, very smart pairing. You’d think fig and cherry are fruits so they compliment but the complimentary factor in fact comes from the blue cheese. The blue cheese, slightly fruity, has a very strong musky lingering taste in to mouth – and you use Kriek to cleanse your palate. Creamy, cherry, creamy, cherry. Very shiok!

 (Photo credit: TimeOut)

The Meatlover’s Frenzy ($17) has spicy minced beef and chorizo sausage. Heng! I know what chorizo is! It’s a Spanish lap cheong. Pizzas are only available on Mondays and Thursdays. The boss told us that they have a double-deck Italian oven with stones, to help conduct the heat quickly. The crust was very thin and while it was good, it wasn’t amazing.

The Big Bad Wolf Burger ($13), beef patty, caramelized onion, special sauce, is obviously their speciality…that is, if you’re a gu-niang! Real men eat The Works ($15.5), which is the Big Bad Wolf Burger plus fried egg, bacon and cheese!! Wow, sounds awesome already? The beef patty was so juicy that the juice flowed down my palms. However, I thought it was a tad salty–CC found it ok–but I can see how salty things go well with beer. And the buns were too dense and when I feedback-ed to the boss, he explained that they don’t want a gu-niang burger. They wanted a firm burger, one that you can hold it in your hands and won’t be crushed. So they make the buns from scratch from a brioche-like recipe. Although I still prefer a softer bun, the Boss gave a very satisfactory and thoughtful answer, showing how the restaurant thinks about even the smallest detail of the food. Not only are the buns made from scratch, so are the beef patties – so they are all slightly different shape, like fingerprints! Their effort and thoughtfulness – A++.

(Taken from Big Bad Wolf Facebook)

Dessert: Bailey’s Chocolate Tart ($6) paired with Trappist Rochefort. When the boss mentioned that the chocolate tart could be paired with the cherry Kriek too, I was very impressed because I said the exact same thing as I reviewed Jones the Grocer. The contrast of chocolate and cherry can be very interesting.

But no, it was the right decision to pair with Trappist Rochefort. The trappists, as the Boss explained, are a group of monks who brew beers. There are only 7 authorized monasteries, 6 in Belgium. The beer itself is very robust and tastes like mocca chocolate with a hint of dried fruits and caramel.

The chocolate tart by itself was ordinary but when you take a bite of it and a sip of Rochefort, the taste exploded. I turned to CC and said, “OMG, now I know what a multiple orgasm feels like. It’s like waves after waves of assaults of chocolate. First you taste the bailey rich dark chocolate of the tart, then you taste the darker chocolate of the beer, and then it all combines to give you a lingering aftertaste of chocolate.” WOW. I was just speechless by how beer can enhance food, like wine can. These monks are really something.

Service: Wonderful service, the Indian lady was very friendly but not intrusive, while the Boss was very passionate and knowledgable.

This place is good for cheap set lunch, afterwork crowds or big groups but it also caters to families with milkshakes, root beer floats and ice lemon tea brewed daily with hand-squeezed lemon. I really like how the gastrobar makes the food affordable for everyone – this should be the case, equality rocks. I also love how sincere and hardworking and honest the restaurant people are. Seriously, don’t be shy. Ask the Boss for beer pairing. He’s very knowledgable. The food is value for money and when paired with beer, the beer really enhances the taste of the food; be kind to your tastebuds.

Thanks, Yen, for the recommendation!

Big Bad Wolf

226 Tanjong Katong Rd,
Singapore 437015
T: 6346 6858
E: eat@bigbadwolf.com.sg
Sun, Mon, Wed & Thu: 12pm to 10pm;
Fri & Sat: 12pm to 11pm;
Closed on Tuesdays

Rating: 3.669/ 5 little red riding hoods

PS: See CC’s Review.

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