Ma Maison, Bugis

Chiobu’s birthday today! Happy birthday!!

She guest-blogs:

Yandao and I wanted to try Ma Maison since it is probably the only casual dining dating place in Bugis. Lucky for us, there was no queue. Yay! The tablecloth that adorned the table looked seasoned but it exuded a very homely, granny warmth kind of feeling. The décor of the restaurant was very cosy with metal pots & pans hanging around and the lighting was dim. I loved the ambience because I felt like I was an old English steakhouse. It kind of reminded me of The Ship Restaurant & Bar at Shaw Centre.

We were served with ice water once we sat down. I loooove good service. I think all cafes & restaurants in Singapore should serve ice water once patrons are seated, just like how you will serve water to guests in your homes. It only shows that they care and value the patrons.

The waiter then placed a stack of menu + misc promotional cards on the table. Woah. I was overwhelmed by the number promotions such as value sets, special items & privileges that they have but they are usually for families. Why they no freebies for singletons? I would love some home-made desserts or toys. Oh! Monday is Ladies’ Night! Girls get 20% off!

We were quite confused at the wide promo selection and decided to go with the ala carte items in the main menu instead. We ordered Chasoba Salad ($8.20), Chef’s Pizza ($13.50) & Italian Hamburger Steak ($16.90). I noticed most tables around us had escargots. I supposed it’s the must-order item but Yandao doesn’t eat escargots. I didn’t want to appear like a pig and eat all 6 on my own. I still have a 淑女image to upkeep in front of Yandao.

When Yandao suggested ordering Chasoba Salad for appetiser, I went like HUH? I couldn’t understand the logic behind putting carbs in salad. Salad or not salad aside, this dish is kick-ass awesome. Everybody MUST order this. I think there was Japanese sesame sauce mixed in the chasoba and the smell of it was simply mouthwatering which explained why the salad looked tossed in the picture. We just couldn’t wait to eat it! The strips of egg, ham & cucumber complemented the chasoba so well. Egg & ham for taste (& protein), cucumber for the crunchiness. The combination was just divine. The waiter gave us a cold side plate each for the Chasoba Salad. How thoughtful! He also gave us a normal side plate for the rest of the dishes since we were sharing.

Not a fan of beef patties but the hamburger steaks are Ma Maison’s specialties. We chose Italian hamburger steak because it comes with cheese. The steak was very well-cooked, juicy & tender. Ours came with brown sauce (BBQ) even though we didn’t state our choice of sauce. There are 2 sauces to choose from and I don’t remember what the other sauce is. I thought the sauce was overpowering and salty. If you are going to order this, please share it with someone because it can get pretty jerlat.

Ever wondered what’s on the Chef’s Pizza because it’s not stated in the menu? Toppings include Prawns, Salami & Bacon. Love the crunchy prawns. I like the pizza because it has 1 thick layer of cheese on the biscuit crust. Yandao thought the crust was rather thick though.

The waiter gave us a key when all the dishes had been served. It’s like a check which you have to take it to the cashier for payment.

Will come back for good service & Chasoba Salad. Probably for ladies’ night too.

Total bill was $45.43.
Each person about $22.76

Ma Maison

BUGIS outlet
200 Victoria Street
#02-51 Bugis Junction
Lunch: 11:30AM~ Last Order 3PM
Tea: 3:00pm~5:00pm on weekdays
Dinner: 6:00PM~ Last order 10:00PM

Rating: 3.672/5 pizza


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