925 Duck Rice | Noodle | Kway Chap, Yishun

Wah piangz eh, I ah beng long time nair spake Singlish, sibei jialat leh. Always using ploper england coz my frens sez angmohs won’t understood my website. But I tell my fren, I say, “Bludder, they come Singapore, then they better learn Singlish.”

I wanna introluce my kopi-tiam where I glow up. Me and another gay beng always hang out here one. Now he become model already, and I became “fat piece of lard.” The famous stall at this kopi-tiam is hainan chicken rice, but I want to lecommended 925 braised duck stall. I don’t know why itz not famous but it is bery buay-pai. The lor (sauce) is thick and viscous and ho chiak. The herbal duck soup is bursting with flavor. The duck and the rice are tasty, but the peanuts you die die must order. The lor has go inside and soaked so completely the softened peanut. And it opens 24hours! I jiak for years alreadi and the standards have been consistent. Every time I want praised duck, I come here.

925 Duck
Blk 925 Yishun Central 1
Singapore 760925
24 hours

Rating: 3.937/ 5 drumsticks

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