J Bar, M Hotel

Thirsty Go Where continues…

 (Photo credit: From their website.)

Was here on a Wednesday night when there was a live band. At first, the live band sucked, then after the break, it got a lot better to the point of amaze-balls. So I said to my date, “WOW, he’s an alcoholic singer. That’s why he got a lot better after the break because he has some alcohol to perk him up.”

Then weeks later, on 8 days, I saw a very familiar face and OMG!! the singer is Douglas O, the sexiest man in Singapore in the 80s, the good old days when there was zero muscle tone and men didn’t need to gym.

But sadly, on that day, the clients–mostly executives from nearby offices–were all outside on the balcony. Only my date and I were inside, listening to Douglas O, as we held hands.

The service was decent too. When we told the liquor promoter that we didn’t want a bottle, she was very polite and still served us promptly.

The ambience reminded me of a sad little bar that lonely people come to nurse their broken hearts, which is kinda nice. Full of solitude and isolation. Quite lovely.

Would definitely drop in again.

J Bar
M Hotel Singapore
81 Anson Road
Level 9
Singapore 079908
T: 6500 6119
Mondays to Thursdays – 3:00pm to 1:00am
Fridays – 3:00pm to 2:00am
Saturdays – 5:00pm to 2:00am
Closed on Sundays


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