Viet Inn, Boat Quay

You must think I’m getting soft? 14 consecutive entries of all great recommendations. Nah, here comes a “not-sure” recommendation.

Empty restaurant on a weekend with plastic chairs, more like a food court decor.

Set including entree (paper rice roll); a noodle (beef), and a dessert or drink for $15.70. Waitress didn’t understand our order; so she included drink in the set, rather than the more expensive dessert, and so we had to fork up $4 for the cream caramel. Wah piangz eh, drive lorry very hard to earn $$ you know.Service was so-so but you can tell the server was impatient to close shop and go home. It was only 8-plus.

We ordered one set and an extra bowl of beef ball noodle ($12.50). Paid a total of $36 for two. Although Mr NGFL insisted that the food was really not bad, it was really mediocre, bland food cooked by Vietnamese (We heard them speak). I didn’t know Boat Quay has become so sleazy, all the scantily-dressed foreign talents touting for angmohs along the streets. This restaurant won’t make history. (Essay Practice: Pick the sentence that doesn’t fit into the paragraph.)

I’m never returning here but since Mr NGFL insisted it’s not bad, I’m giving it a benefit of a doubt rating: “not sure” if to recommend or not.

Viet Inn
49 Circular Rd
T: 6536 1847

Rating: 2.774/5 pho


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  1. Authentic Vietnamese food. The broth for my pho is well made. So far the best that I have had since arriving in Singapore a few months ago, after had a good pho craving and tried a few places.

    Sleazy? How does such relate to this restaurant anyway? Plenty good restaurants around the area.


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