Ying Yang Rooftop Bar, Ann Siang Hill

Thirsty Go Where continues..

(Photo Credit: From its website.)

If you see my record of bars, you’d know I love rooftop bars. Ying Yang has a surprisingly good view, given that its building is so short. The view is the surrounding towering skyscrapers built by capitalist pigs but ooh, the office lights of the late-night workers-slaves are so pretty. The ambience is great too, very relaxing, with lounge sofas, feeling like it’s by the beach. (Use imagination lah.)

The service within the bar itself was like the ambience–indolent and lazy but I didn’t care because in such a mood, everything could be slow. There was no rush for time. Besides, at least the wait staff were nice. However, the service of the Club Hotel was mixed. The first time, the hotel receptionist buzzed us up the lift (you need a hotel card to use the lift). The second time, the receptionist told us to climb the 3 or 4 storeys up and by the time we were up, we were panting.

Drinks are at cut-throat cost, $20 or so for a drink, but you pay for the atmosphere. The second time we were there, there were a group of gay angmohs with a Sarong Party Gay. Gay people are cool and cool people hang around here. So you know the price of the cocktails is justifiable.

Ying Yang Rooftop Bar
28 Ann Siang Road
The Club Hotel
Singapore 069708
T: 6808 2188
E: inquiry@theclub.com.sg
F-Sa: 5pm-2am
Sun: 5pm-midnight

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