Boomarang Bistro & Bar, Robertson Quay

Mr NGFL and I, slaves, just finished work at 10 pm ON A FRIDAY and agreed to eat at Boomarang, an Australian eatery that hosts a trivial quiz night on Tuesdays. The winning table gets the bar tab on the house.

I had a Kangaroo Loin ($30) and Mr NGFL had a Spring Chicken ($30). Tasting a bit of the Spring Chicken, I think it was very tender and superb but my Kangaroo Loin is da bomb! The mashed sweet potato was SO AWESOME.  I hate sweet potato because I was brought up into thinking that only during wartime, when there are no other options, then we eat sweet potato. It’s the last resort. But this one was very savory and sweet and creamy and smooth! The distinctive taste of kangaroo meat is that it is a little bitter but the sour cream covered the bitterness in this case–tender and succulent!

Ambience: Several areas having different ambience. (1) Outdoor smoking with the ubiquitous aluminum chairs and tables. (2) Indoor dining with eco-friendly recycled decor. (3) relaxing lounge sofas along the corridors. The TVs were playing sports channel. Why can’t they play Kylie’s MTVs? She’s Australian! Or at least show homoerotic sports, like swimming or wrestling or rugby.

Service: All Filipinos here. Mixed service here. A very gorgeous Pinay was very attentive and helpful but in general, the Pinoys were distracted, unfocussed and you’ve to repeat your order a few times, or you need to ask for a fork a few times before he gets it to you. But they were nice and polite. And although there is no closing time, meaning they are open until the last guest leaves, the servers looked tired and eager to end work. (I can’t blame them for wanting to go home. They probably had been standing for hours.) They actually closed off sections, covered the lounge sofas with tarpaulins–which was a pretty strong hint?

Great food, but slightly overpriced. ($71 for two.) Nice relaxing ambience and average service. Recommended. Should be coming back here again.

Boomarang Bistro & Bar
60 Robertson Quay
01-15 The Quayside
Singapore 238252
T: 6738 1077

Rating: 3.138/ 5 kangaroos

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  1. Glad to hear that your experience was good.

    I have been there a number of times and it has always been overpriced and the food has been dire!


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