Closed: Khmer Delight, East Coast

Have been wanting to come here for the longest time because this is the only Cambodian restaurant in Singapore and it serves deep-fried Tarantula spiders! Bought $40 discount coupons for Cambodian buffet for two ($20/pax). Very worth the money!

When we arrived, the waitress very politely told us that the coupons couldn’t be used for Saturday dinners. The waitress gave us Alicia’s, the director, number and I called her. A generalization: The first instinct that Singaporean patrons do when things don’t go their way is to shout at the service staff. I think it reflects very badly on the patrons, but it’s like the patrons are merely venting their work or love or family frustration on the staff. It makes the service staff feel bad and you might not get things done your way. This is what I did:

“Hello Alicia. My friend and I are at your restaurant now and we want to use the discount coupon. It isn’t stated anywhere that we can’t use it for Saturday dinners and when we made reservations, informing that we would be using coupons, the waitress didn’t tell us. We don’t live around here so as a form of good will, do you mind allowing us to use the coupons please?”

She said very sweetly, “Yes, sure.”

See what you can achieve if you’re polite and use reason, instead high decibel, using words like “please” and ending with a question, instead of a demand. Use charm, don’t use force.

Spring Roll; and two different salads

Signature soup (sweet-and-sour chicken with pineapple, marrow, tomato and herbs); Chicken Mushroom soup

Fish Amok

Prawn in herbal sauce

Spare Ribs in Special Sauce

Lok Lak (traditional dish, stir-fried beef); Beef on Lemongrass Skewers; eggplant

Seafood fried Rice

For a buffet, the food was pretty damn good! The food tasted like a cross between Chinese and Thai cuisine but without the intense spiciness of Thai food. Special mentions: spare ribs, spring roll, fish amok and eggplant. I liked the fish amok because it was otah using real fish you can see; although the spare ribs weren’t too tender, the sauce was spectacular, like a honey bbq sauce with herbs such as anise, I think. Mao Mao and I both loved the crispy, not oily spring roll, which tasted more flavorful than normal Chinese ones. Mao Mao liked the way the eggplant was cooked, not too soggy or gluey. Another plus point: all the food were hot and freshly prepared.

Of course, my philosophy is no matter how stuff you’re, ALWAYS end a meal with desserts, which unfortunately aren’t in the Buffet list. So we ordered:

Banana Sesame Fritters with Ice Cream ($6.90)

Durian Paste

No shit jokes about the banana fritters, please. The hot banana on cold ball of ice cream – such a turn on. The D24 durian paste was awesome, probably better than the Merchant Court one, and I ate all of it myself.

The food came out slowly but hey at least they were piping hot and delicious. The service was good, smiling faces all round and they refilled water fast. Best service staff: The waitress. We tried to say “Thank You” in Cambodian to them, and the waiter said, laughing, “I’m not Cambodian.” Hahaha. We saw a couple waiting at the door for a long time but the wait staff was dishing out the food and the couple walked away. I thought the staff could have sat the couple first to retain customers. Not enough servers? The ambience is run-of-the-mill for a mid-range restaurant. Given the value-for-money food, we’d definitely return. Khmer Delight should be renamed Comer’s Delight. Oh, what happened to the tarantula spiders? Didn’t see it on the menu no more.

Khmer Delight
922 East Coast Rd
Singapore 459114
T: 6449 1529

Rating: 3.313/5 amok


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