Yong He Eating House, Geylang

We five, not full from JB Ah Meng–well, actually I think only Yan Dao and I were the ones who were still hungry–so we went to Yong He for their soya bean curd. I predict the recent beancurd jelly war will bring people back to the roots of eating the traditional beancurd. And of course, we ordered many other things. Price list:

soya bean drink $1.20
Bean curd $1.70
yu tiao $1.10
taiwan noodle (mee sua) $3.80

The food was really quite solid. The Mee Sua, which I usually dislike, was robust and packed a punch. The beancurd was quite smooth and the yu tiao (fried dough) was cripsy and very delicious but just a tad too oily. We, adventurous, tried the salty beancurd with cai-po, soya sauce, white pepper and green onions. You’d think it strange but it was actually very appetizing. It’s like eating a healthy alternative of chwee kueh.

Service was Superwoman quick. And the ambience–well, if you want to escape the gangster street of Geylang, this seems to be a good shelter. Quite old school coffeeshop chic. I endorse this shop. Open 24 hours. Eat already can go on the streets to earn back the dinner money some more, unless you’re an old uncle lah, then you’ve to pay. Uncles are the only human species with no market value: women of all ages and young boys have. Sigh, we live in a sexist world, I, an uncle, feel discriminated against. Seriously, why can’t I sell my body too?!

Yong He Eating House
517 Geylang rd Lor 27A
T: 6745 5682
24 Hours

Rating: 3.497/5 stars

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