MakeShake, City Square Mall, Little India

When people go to gym, they drink protein shake. When I go, I make milk shake. Because I need motivation for suffering. Over time, I make a mean milk shake. That’s right, “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, damn right, they’re better than yours.” (please get the Kelis reference, thanks.)

What makes a good shake? 1. The fatter the milk, the fuller the taste. 2. Quality of ice cream (usually vanilla ice cream because this is just a base for the ice cream to match with other ingredients). 3. Throw in whatever ingredients you want. For gym, I throw in bananas, peanut butter and protein powder. 4. Blend the daylights out of the shake. Consistency is important.

At MakeShake, they make their own vanilla ice cream as base for the milkshake, so the ice cream is less sweet. This is a good move because when the ingredients are blended in, the milkshake would turn out to be sweet but not saccharinely so.

When you order, you just have to pick the ingredients you want to add into the vanilla base. Each ingredient costs $0.70. The combinations are limitless. There are choices of chocolate (Kit Kat, M&M, Kinder Bueno, etc), fruits (banana, long’an, etc), tea/coffee (earl gray is a favorite among adults). Teenagers and studentswould love to mix their own favors, they are more adventurous than working adults.  If you don’t want to customize, the shop has a menu you can order from. For the menu, the small sizes cost $3.90 while the big cups cost $5.40.

Hot boys, Jasper Aston Lim and Saunders Shen, customized their shakes. Jasper had a earl gray milkshake, which tasted refreshing. Saunders Shen had a peanut butter one; I forgot the taste. I ordered the shake on the menu, Peanut Butter Sandwich, consisting of peanut butter, banana and dark chocolate fudge. It was awesome! It tasted exactly like peanut butter sandwich, you can bite the bits of peanut in it. I love thick stuff–Saunders doesn’t–and peanut butter thickens the ice cream, which is fine to me. But the shake could be smoother. And towards the end, like all milkshakes, it got a bit excessive. Still, a pretty decent milkshake by all counts with a nice balance in taste.

Ambience: MakeShake takes over the space for the horrible Cottage Waffle Place, so this is a kiosk with some tables and chairs to sit. The only bad thing about the stall is the location, a little away from the city although it’s linked to Farrer Park MRT.

Overall, the quality of the milkshake is good and it’s fun especially if you concoct your own mix. Brings out the teenager in you.

180 Kitchener Road
#B2-K2 City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
T: 6834 3458
10am-10pm daily

Rating: 3.000/5 shake it shake it shake it! hot stuff!

PS: I’d like to thank MilkShake for hosting and the sexiest two food reviewers, hotter than Abercrombie models, Saunders Shen and Jasper Aston Lim from Six & Seven who invited me along for the tasting.


Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, Little India

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