Taipei, Taiwan (Part III): ShiDa Night Market (师大夜市) and Ximending (西门町)

See Part I: Introduction, Wu Fen Pu & RaoHe
Part II: Taipei City Hall & Shi Lin Night Market

DAY 03
Suggested Itinerary:
Day: Book a day tour for Beitou hot springs, visit Jiufen 九份 & other must-see Taipei places. You can easily do so at the hotel lobby.
Night: Shida Night Market

ShiDa Night Market (师大夜市)
How to get to Shida Night Market:
Alight at Taipower Building Station Exit 3. Need to walk for about 5-10mins before reaching the night market.

Cheese Potato (洋芋屋)
 Yandao & I were super tired from walking and we snuck into this small little shop, 洋芋屋to rest. The shop has probably 5 tables and can sit fewer than 15 people. We waited for quite a while to get a table. We ordered Mushroom Cheese Potato (NT$55). The cheese is not jelat at all. I can eat a whole pot of it. Surprisingly, there was enough cheese for the whole potato! I usually finish the cheese way before the chips go out when eating nachos. Love their generosity with the cheese in Taipei. This is way better than Wendy’s.

Other things to try at Shida Night Market
–          Crepes! (Very long queue!)

Day 04
Suggested Itinerary:
Day: Ximending
Night: Airport

Ximending (西门町)
Ximen MRT Exit 6 to shopping area

KOI (50岚)
We practically drank KOI (50岚) everyday for breakfast and supper. We saw 2 outlets in Ximending. 1 cup is only NT$30! Similar to how you order in Singapore, indicate the flavour, sugar level and the toppings. They have 波霸(Big Pearls), 小珍珠(Small Pearls) and other forgettable choices. So you have to let them know you want the pearls when ordering or they will not include it in your drink!

JSP (甲尚宝)
How to get to XMD JSP 甲尚宝小吃店
Ximen MRT exit 1 walk abt 3mins along Hanzhong St
Opens from 6am – 12pm

JSP serves awesome Western fast food (sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, tacos etc) that has been localized to Taiwanese tastebuds. This is probably one of the most popular breakfast chains. JSP was my most unforgettable breakfast experience in Taipei! I will go there for breakfast every morning if I ever go Taipei again.

Taiwan-style Carrot Cake with Egg
We are not used to this as we prefer our Singapore crispy eggy version. The sauce over the carrot cake was sweet which didn’t complement the carrot cake at all. Egg was awesome though. Love runny egg yolks.

Fried Chicken Burger (with option to add Cheese & egg)
I know right, this Fried Chicken burger looks plain, home-made & ordinary but trust me, this burger completed the trip. It was just a simple burger but it was so so awesome. This must be ambrosia. Sweet buns that were out of this world, yummy fried chicken that went so well with the onions.

Ah Zhong Mee Sua (阿宗面线)
Unlike the Shilin stalls we see in Singapore, Ah Zhong Mee Sua doesn’t come with oysters. There are pig intestines instead. It comes in 2 sizes- Big bowl for NT$55, Small bowl for NT$40. It opens from 11am – 10.30pm.

This is a super popular store and you can probably spot it from afar since there will be heaps of people crowding around the stall, sitting on round stools or standing around, eating their mee sua. There are no tables and you have to hold the bowl while eating! How uncomfortable right! I couldn’t hold it well so Yandao did most of the eating. ): The mee sua was super fragrant! I like the pig intestines too! Very tender! Seasoning (garlic, chilli oil & vinegar) is on a nearby counter where you help yourself.

Taiwan Prata (葱抓饼)

We bumped into this make-shift stall outside Ximending Starbucks. We had Cheese Egg Prata (起士葱抓饼), NT$40. Every bite was so sinful but so good. The melted cheese in the rolled up prata was divine. Note that you should always get your food before you pay when you buy from these makeshift stalls because when the police are here, the store owners will run with their pushcarts. But they will come back, so not to worry. Just in case yah..

Other things to try at Ximending
–          Hot Pot (Try the shop麻辣, located on the 2nd floor and serves Haagen Dazs ice cream. Ask around for it. It’s famous!)
–          Bitter gourd juice (The bitter gourd in Taipei are white! The drink is not bitter cos they added honey. It’s very nice and refreshing! Especially if you are tired from all the walking)

That’s All! I love Taipei! 我爱台妹!


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