Tatsu Teppanyaki, Chijmes

I’m super cheapskate. If you eat teppanyaki at food court, it can cost up to $20. Seriously? Food court?? The set lunch here only cost $19 (including GST)! It includes salad , fried rice, miso, choice of salmon or prawns or chicken, bean sprouts, and fruits.

The Japanese-styled decor is a long bar-table with the teppanyaki chef, instead of bartender. It’s a little cramp but we were here for the food.

The salad, miso soup and fruits were ok. But everything was AWESOME. Look at the fried rice. Every grain was coated by egg. It was not too dry, not too wet, not at all oily. A little peppery for me, but what the heck. It was tasty.

I picked salmon and Saliva picked prawns. The chef asked if we wanted to share, we said ok. And the chef automatically split the portions up, so we don’t eat from the same bowl. Plus points of being considerate!

The salmon was simmered in an aluminum “boat” on the teppan (or hot iron griddle) in an egg sauce and with a bit of sake, I think. It looked very gooey and ugly but tasted awesome. The prawns came with mayonnaise, which suited Saliva’s taste.

Most dishes came with a huge topping of fried garlic. Not so good for first dates, but, as Saliva said, “Who doesn’t like garlic??” I know who, Edward from Twilight? Vampires, avoid this place.

The dishes were cooked right in front of you, with the chef doing some kungfu stance. Very entertaining.

Good service, topped up the green tea often.

All in all, an intimate atmosphere with great food, value-for-money and good service.

Tatsu Teppan Yaki
30 Victoria St
#01-15 Block F
The Gallery, CHIJMES
Singapore 187996
T: 6337 6691
E: tatsu@tatsusushi.com.sg

Rating: 3.684/ 5 stars


Categories: $40-$60, >$60, City Hall, Japanese

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