Closed: Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant (兴化素食馆), Chinatown

Edit: This entry was written months ago but there isn’t a chance to publish it. Besides, I want to leave all the bad things behind in this year and not bring over to the next year. Since I ate here after my breakup with 14K, it was a memorable experience and food is all about memories.

I still try to keep to my Vegetarian Tuesdays whenever I can because animals are lives too.

The decor is a run-down kopi-tiam with only one main stall. The servers looked extremely exhausted. It seemed as if they were instructed to be pushy, so they asked each customer, “Do you want this? or that? You don’t want barley? What about [another drink]?”

The food is cheap but the stall didn’t have heaters to keep the food warm. Even the rice, which should be hot in a vacuum container, was cold and I hate cold food. The food was bland and unexciting. I very much prefer Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Restaurant just a few doors away. From the look of it, this shop will close sooner or later.

Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant
52 Smith Street
Singapore 058959
T: 97322733

Rating: 2.738/ 5 stars


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  1. mm.. 你确定不是你的心情影响了你的味觉hor.. 不过从你的形容看来,我也觉得这素食馆快挂点了。。抑是如今已人去楼空??:p

    过去种种譬如昨日死,以后种种譬如今日生。。就如你说的,把坏的留在今年,让我们抛旧迎新,展望未来,明年会更好。。大家一起努力呗~~ o(∩_∩)o 新年快乐!oops.. 是ang moh 新年。。所以应该是。。HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ↖(^ω^)↗


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