Recipes: Vogel’s Muesli

It is hard to believe from my hot hourglass figure that I diet too. When I do, I’d eat muesli bars for snacks. Vogel’s, which has been around for 60 years, sent me two boxes of muesli and I was shocked. Muesli doesn’t come in bars?? I’m so suaku. They are actually cereal-form, so you add milk, or mix in yogurt. According to wikipedia, the traditional way is to add orange juice. I’ve added OJ to cornflakes before and it works. Since muesli is similar to cornflakes, I don’t see why not. You may also try coffee and hot chocolate.

Muesli, developed by a doctor in 1900, originates from the belief that a diet of natural food is essential to good health. What makes so much such sense to us now wasn’t apparent in 1900. Vogel’s follows this nutritional philosophy by using natural, less processed ingredients with antioxidants, fibre, protein, and vitamins. But nice to eat or not? Let’s test.

Ways of Eating (Cold)

1. Add milk and eat. Don’t need to add sugar or honey.

The bad thing about unprocessed natural food is they are hard. I chew and chew and chew. While the texture isn’t tender, always look on the bright side of life: (a) my teeth feel polished! It’s true, try it. (b) my jaws get some exercise, they’re going to be chiseled soon, any day now! Abercrombie, hire me! (c) You get full on eating less food. It takes time for the stomach to send a signal to the brain to tell you you’re full. If you eat slowly, you will not over-eat.

Taste-wise, both Super Natural and Cafe-Style have a natural sweetness emitting from the berries and Super Natural is less sweet, the healthier choice. Vogel’s takes some getting used to because we are accustomed to eating all the unhealthy but easy-to-eat cereals, but by the second and third time I eat Vogel’s, I don’t think I can return to the unhealthy cereals.

2. Soak in milk overnight and add (macerated) strawberries.

You don’t have to soak overnight–an hour will do–but I prepared it before bed so I’d get a good breakfast. Here, the texture becomes a lot softer, quite similar to oatmeal or porridge. The taste is still awesome.You may add fruits and I added macerated strawberries because I was preparing them for the pancakes. This is my favorite method–because it’s fuss-free–and it’s super delicious. The fragrance of the berries permeates throughout the muesli.

Some Like It Hot

3. I adapted this recipe from my 6-pac abs firefighter friend. (Check out his recipe.) Add 3-4 tablespoons of Vogel’s and water in a pan, low-heat for a minute or so, until gooey like porridge. Then add a teaspoon of honey and a beaten egg. Scoop it up. Add milk and fruits on top. The entire cooking time should take less than 2-3 minutes.

The texture and taste are the same as Recipe #2 except it is now covered with egg and is warm. I’m not so sure I want an eggy meal. In the future, I’d do it without egg. There is already protein in Vogel’s anyway. I ate this for late dinner/supper on a cold rainy night and my stomach was very comfortable and warm. It felt was very awesome and cosy.

3. Just add Vogel’s to pancake mix. Add macerated strawberries, maple syrup, butter to pancakes.  

This is the bomb. Vogel’s adds crunch and berries to the pancakes. I didn’t even add any butter or honey or maple syrup. Just macerated strawberries (just sprinkle a little sugar on diced strawberries and keep in fridge for an hour).

5. Other Recipes: add Vogel’s to pre-baked cookies.

Verdict: It is amazing how little Vogel’s is needed–only 3-4 tablespoons each serving–to make one feel full. (The pictures in Recipes #1, #2 and #3 are actual 3-4 tablespoons.) And because it is less processed, I remain full for a longer time as the food takes time to slowly digest. Definitely healthy in terms of nutrition and serving size.

Taste-wise, the natural sweetness from the berries is really awesome but if you’re not cooking it, or soaking in milk overnight, it can be hard to chew. But like I said previously, I got used to it and I don’t think I can return to those unhealthy cereals again.

Vogel’s is available at NTUC and Cold Storage.


PS: RERG thanks YL and HM for sending us Vogel’s.


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