Penang Delights Prawn Mee, Lor Mee, S11, Ang Mo Kio

Harlow, everybody. Wo shi Mao Mao, Mao Mao iz me. Wise Guyz toles me that everybody complaint my England, very hardz to read. Mao Mao veri sad. :( Nobody likez Mao Mao the PRC? Every one racist here?

Mao Mao iz watch finish movie with girlfriend at Ang Mo Kio central and we ate lor mee. China no have. Diz stall got win awardz one. The lor mee iz veri delicious! The thick starchy gravity had prawn-based broth inside. Mao Mao canz taste the prawny. Somemore, the stall givez ONE entire eggz! Lor mee usually haz a veri pungent, choking taste that Mao Mao don’t likey but this one iz more pungent and more choking than usual but Mao Mao still likey very muchy.  Mao Mao even finishz the gravity! It was goot to the end. Very value-for-money and delicious! Highly recommended.

Penang Delights
S11Food Centre
Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8.,
Singapore 560711

Rating: 4.299/ 5 stars


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