Red House Seafood Restaurant 小红楼, East Coast & Robertson Quay

Thank you Red House for sponsoring RERG team’s first yusheng for the Chinese New Year! Do you know the modern yusheng is created in Singapore? Some people have championed it to be a National Dish. Yusheng (raw fish) is a symbol of prosperity because (1) yu 鱼 (fish) is a homonym of yu 余 (excess) and if you have excess, it means you’re rich and (2) sheng 生(raw) is a homonym of sheng 升(rise/promotion). Ok, we made that up but it is most probably true.

Hookerlily: Red House is quite generous with the salmon hor?

Wise Guy: Yeah, this is the large portion of Prosperity Salmon Yusheng ($76+) for 8-10 people. The small one costs $38. When I went to pick up the yusheng, they were preparing it on the spot. This yusheng is as fresh as it can be. Very awesome.”

Mr NGFL: Add half the oil dressing hor? I am on a diet. [Shit girls say…]

Chiobu: I like the yusheng. It isn’t overly sweet like some other yusheng out there.

14K: The colors are popping. So gorgeous and gold.

Wise Guy: My favorite color!

Red House also offers an extravagant 8 Treasure Seafood Yu Sheng八宝开运鱼生 (S$288 ++ for 8 to 10 persons), including abalone, lobster, geoduck, tuna, salmon, Ebi, arctic clam and ikan parang, until 6 Feb 2012.

On CNY Eve (22 Feb) – One Night Only

Reunion dinners on CNY eve (22 Feb) are available. The view at the East Coast branch faces the sea, more relaxing, while the decor at Robertson Quay is more classy. There are 5 set dinner menus to choose if you’re dining at the restaurant:  Fortune Celebration Set (S$238++ for 4 persons), Abundant Wealth Set (S$368++ for 6 persons), Harmonious Family Set (S$498++ for 10 persons), Good Fortune Set (S$698++ for 10 persons) and Bountiful Treasures Set (S$888++ for 10 persons). Some of the highlights include steamed Boston lobster (Wise Guy, the Ex and Chiobu had this in Boston!), braised abalone, panfried codfish, etc. Email me for menu.

Two set menus are available for takeaways on CNY eve (22 Feb):  Fortune Celebration Set (S$228++ for 6 persons) and Abundant Wealth Set (S$338++ for 10 persons), including  include festive delights such as Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng, Crispy Roast Chicken and Sweet & Sour Ocean Rock Grouper with Pine Nuts. Email me for menu.

If you eat here, we suggest you try the chili crab too, voted Best Chili Crab by Time Out magazine.

1 Dec 2011 – 6 Feb 2012 (except CNY eve) 

For all other days (except CNY eve),  Red House offers three scrumptious Annual Dinner set menus – Prosperity Set Menu (S$498++ / 10 persons), Bountiful Harvest Set Menu (S$698++ / 10 persons) and Abundance Set Menu (S$888 ++ / 10 persons). Some favourites to relish include Red House’s Signature Chilli or Black Pepper Crab, Sautéed Tender Venison with Shimeji Mushroom & Honey Peas, Braised Shark’s Fin & Seafood in Pumpkin Consommé and Braised Lobster with Butter Cheese Sauce. Email me for menu.

Closed only on 1st day of CNY – 23 January 2012.

Red House Seafood Restaurant (East Coast)
Block 1204, #01-05,
East Coast Seafood Centre, East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449 882.
Tel: 6442-3112
5.00 pm – 11.30 pm (Mon – Fri)
11.30 am – 11.30 pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)

Red House Seafood Restaurant (Robertson Quay)
60 Robertson Quay, #01-13/ 14,
The Quayside,
Singapore 238 252.
Tel: 6735-7666
11.00 am – 11.30pm (Mon- Fri)
10.30am- 11.30pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)

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