Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria, Club St

14K and I passed by this restaurant and he caught me looking at some hot Pinoys who were flipping the menu on display – and so he got jealous and resolutely refused to come here. I find that endearing, and respect his decision so I asked Hookerlily and Mr. NGFL to come instead, after we tea-ed at K Ki.

The reason I wanted to come is the decor. So gorgeous, sky-blue and white Mediterranean rustic village by the sea style.

The service, mostly Pinas, was excellent, attentive and prompt. The clientele was all White except us but we didn’t feel discriminated by the servers at all. You know, the axiom is- if the locals are queuing for the food, the food must be good. But what if expats are coming to the place? Is it good? Let’s find out.

Appetizers: complimentary bread and Calamari ($16.90). The calamaris were gigantic squid, which made it meaty and chewy. The three dips, one of which is similar to Hainanese Chicken rice chili, were good.

We made a democratic decision to pick a food each. Since Hookerlily craved for pizza, she picked the pizza; Mr. NGFL picked a pasta because he likes pasta; and I picked the desserts, my favorite part of the meal. I have to say, democracy doesn’t quite work even in our small society because Hookerlily makes bad choices, and Mr. NGFL is authoritarian, always dictating us what to order.

Hookerlily picked the Golosa ($24), which is a vegetarian tomato-based pizza topped with three cheeses–mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan–and french fries. Hookerlily thought it was funny–carbs on carbs–but seriously, the pizza is more like a joke gone wrong! Who in the right mind would pick such a pizza? Fat Americans?? Luckily, the cheeses were good, salty with a “bite” of slight cheesy stench.

The crust was the doughy sort, not thin-crust – so I didn’t like it already. I don’t like potatoes since young so I didn’t like the pizza because the fries were soggy and tasted more like potatoes than chips. Hookerlily kept taunting and bullying me, “Why you eat so little? Are you gu-niang or what? I insist you eat this piece. Eat! Eat!” We have our bad days sometimes so I kept quiet and put on a Jeanette-Aw-Little-Nonya face and she got the hint. Phew.

Mr. NGFL picked the Raviolo lamb ($26.90). Delicious! Tender meat without the stench of lamb, with butter and artichoke cream–rather creamy-cheesy and rich. My only complaint is: why so few? Only 4 pieces?

I think I make the best decisions and ordered Cugini Dessert ($20.90), a platter of panna cotta, tiramisu, and semi-frozen nougat. The nougat was our least-favorite–we didn’t even know what we were eating: was it a fruit or  ice cream? If it was a sweet, why was it soft? If it was a jelly, why is it hard? But the other two were fantastic. They were both so smooth and rich. The tiramisu was very, very intense that would perk you up and leave you wanting for more, like a 60 year-old impotent man wanting to second round.

More hits than misses with the food and the service and playful decor made up for the food. We spent a total of $105 for 3 persons, which isn’t a bad deal.

Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria
87 Club Street
#01-01 Singapore 069455
T: 6221 3791
E-mail: cugini@singnet.com.sg
Daily: 12noon- 2.40pm

Rating: 3.313/5 riovolo

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  1. Our experiences there were not as good as yours, so we stopped going. Overly salty everything, arrogant and absent-minded service, and there are so many other choices for great casual Italian. Too bad as we really liked the place on the first visit.


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