Mignon’s Steak & Grill, Takashimaya Orchard

Ravenous after gym at Knightsbridge, Orchard. Wanted to eat some big fat juicy steak to replenish my lost calories. Must be quick, cheap and fuss-free, no queue. I thought of meat on the benchpress, I thought of meat on the treadmill, and I thought of meat in the showers (but I didn’t beat it). That’s how I got through gym–planning for the meal after gym. Then I remembered Takashimaya basement, near the food court, outside Cold Storage, has several kiosks, and one sells steak. YAY!

You’d think steaks at a kiosk should be quite cheap, right? But wow! the tenderloin costs $24.90. Cut throat.

You order at the counter, find a seat and the server will bring you your food. Throw in additional $3 to get soup and soft drinks – but hey I just got off gym, and soup is cream, a no-no.

Taste-wise, there was nothing to complain but texture-wise, the steak felt like it was just defrosted–you can taste the ice although the steak was hot–and the quality of the steak was very inferior, grainy. The quality made me doubt whether it was safe to eat it. (It was, nothing happened to me.)

Maybe I ordered the wrong thing. The kiosk needs to either lower the price or purchase higher quality of beef. I’d file it under “not-sure” recommendation. This kiosk may be one of those places I’d hate but will return again because bo-pian what, no choice, it’s the few and convenient steak places in Orchard.

Mignon’s Steak
391A Orchard Rd
Takashimaya #B2
Singapore 238873
T: 6738 1111

Rating: 2.813/5 filet mignon


Categories: $0-$20, $20-$40, Orchard, Western

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  1. Australia calling: the grilled steak I had was horribly dry and gristly (I think it might even have supposed to have been from Australia!). But worse, we were abused by a short, plump Chinese man wearing spectacles about it being a “restaurant” and how we weren’t allowed to bring in “outside” food. An utter disgrace for Singapore as well as for Takashimaya.


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