The Rabbit Hole, Dempsey

Alice followed the White Rabbit with a pocket watch down the Rabbit Hole into the psychedelic Wonderland.

Here in Singapore, at Dempsey, there are two ways to enter Wonderland to, not through, The Rabbit Hole: You can walk through the main entrance at White Rabbit restaurant or go by the garden path (as shown above). By the end of the path, you enter a trellis archway (pictured left). How verdant and magical is the archway! Almost like a wedding aisle. I can imagine a wedding being held here where the couple walk down the archway. Then you see the al fresco bar amidst the lush foliage. A very relaxing ambience especially after a slight rain.

The server suggested the berry cocktail with three types of berries: raspberry, blackberry and one more, I forgot. I was apprehensive because berry cocktails inadvertently taste like cough syrup but I was pleasantly surprised here. It was a delicate balance of berries and alcohol and the berries were nicely bouncing off each other so that the taste wasn’t sharp. It was just a nice mix of mild sweetness and mild sourness.

DJs Tyler Made spins on Fridays and Mr. Has on Saturdays, 10pm to 2am on both days.

The Rabbit Hole
39C Harding Road
Tel: +65 6473 9965
Tue–Sun: 6.30pm – 12am
(Closed on Mon)

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