The Production Kitchen by Jacqui Co, Jalan Kayu Singapore

The Production Kitchen by Jacqui Co. has been appearing on national newspapers and magazines week after week after week. So RERG team of 10 people had a go at it during Wise Guy’s birthday. (Wise Guy always wanted a Hello Kitty cake to piss people off with his ironic humor.)

None of the ten of us liked the cake. The only positive thing we can say is that it is pretty. The sponge is dry and brittle; the cake is completely tasteless, except for the taste of sugar. It is quite bad. Many threw away the slices halfway behind Wise Guy’s back. The cake is worse than those from neighborhood bakeries. In fact, this is one of the worst cakes we have eaten in recent years.

The worst thing is a customized 7-inch cake costs $100. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. If it were super delicious, using top ingredients, we don’t mind paying. We don’t understand how the price can be justified. You bake 6 cakes of different colors at a go–it’s just artificial coloring–and then you take a horizontal slice from each cake to make 6 rainbow cakes. How can that cost $100?

We read from interviews that Jacqui, besides baking as a hobby on and off, has only attended 3 weeks of intensive baking school. Cannot lah. Cooking and baking need experience. People apprentice for years in kitchens before they dare to step out and open a bakery/restaurant. Experience matters. No matter how talented you are, you cannot just take 3 weeks of baking classes and open a shop right?

Why is the bakery in the news all the time? According to reliable sources, Jacqui used to work in marketing/PR and knows the media people. Sad to say, in this world, connections matter. Y U let me waste $100, media?

We are sorry for the harsh review, especially to an underdog baker–we are anti-establishment in principle and we love and support underdogs–but RERG has always been honest even for food tastings. (We gave bad reviews for tastings before.) It was a sorry cake for a happy event.

The Production Kitchen by Jacqui Co
231 Jalan Kayu
Cakes by order only, contact Jacqui Tong through Facebook

Rating: 1.8/5 Hello Kitties (for taste and aesthetics)

Categories: >$60, Dessert, Jalan Kayu

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  1. Least they could do for such an expensive cake is to use different fruit juice/ flavours to make the different coloured-layer cakes, e.g grapes for purple, strawberries for pink. :)


  2. Hi, if you like something different from the regular rainbow cakes you find outside, try ordering from La Petite Patisserie! We specialised in quality rainbow cakes! We uses fresh ingredients for all our cakes and no buttercream. Instead creams are all replaced with fresh fruits and puree mousse in between layers of rainbow sponge. Check out our links:



  3. I was in doubts how a rainbow cake would taste good especially full in coloring and using normal butter spongey cake. Almost had an order placed with them as the cake is so pretty and wow my kids guests with it. Had to scrap the idea off now as I didn’t want the kids parents to frown at the poor taste. Thank for letting me find this review!


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