Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Vivocity Singapore

Brotzeit has a new (1) Set Lunch Set Menu, (2) a Tea-Time Specials and (3) a new Daily Evening Specials.

(1) Set Lunch Menu (Available till 3pm)

The set lunch starts from $15, including 1 appetizer and 1 main course.

Choice of appetizers: Baked potato or Soup of the day.

Choice of main course: Salad ($15) or Backfisch in bierteig (beer-battered fish with potato salad, $17) or Geschnetzeltes (pork tenderloin ragout with napkin dumplings and bacon-wrapped fine beans, $19).

Beer-battered fish ($17)

Pork tenderloin ragout ($19)

Having tried both the beer-battered fish and pork ragout, I’d recommend the fish. The pork is tough because of the nature of the meat/ingredient but it has the smoky flavor (which I like) and comes with napkin dumplings, white bread treated with paisley and spices and boiled in a napkin (which I like too).

The fish is perfectly done. Very thinly batter, crispy, not-a-drop-of-oil. Very fleshy. The potato salad is done in a German-style: slices of potato with mustard and lots of vinegar, giving it a very strong and appetizing vinegary taste.

(2) Tea-Time Special (3pm-6pm)

The tea-time special comes in 3 snacks paired with (1) Illy coffee or TWG tea for $15 or (2) 0.3l lager for $18. Pick any three:


Smoked salmon sandwich or Chicken Ham sandwich

Crispy Camembert (cheese) with cranberry sauce dip

Bavarian pork and beef meatballs


including chocolate mousse, forest berries stew, vanilla ice cream, and

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce

German crepe with strawberry

Having tried most of them, I’d strongly recommend going for all 3 savory or 2 savory-1 sweet. The absolute favorite is the fantastic smoked salmon sandwich. The pretzel-like bread looks hard but is in fact quite tender, chewy, and salty. There are tartare sauce, bitter crunchy rocket, egg and smoked salmon, which all combine to give an amazing complex taste, creamy, salty and bitter in turns.

While the meatballs are tough, I’d actually prefer meatballs to be tough to powdery. Plus the tomato sauce is very, very good and addictive. Not as caustic as other sauces, so good you can drink it on its own.

If you dislike smelly cheese, Camembert may not be for you as it is extremely pungent but I believe would go very excellently with beer.

For the sweets, French still does crepe and pastries best so I’d recommend to go simple, go for the vanilla ice cream. The apple strudel and German crepe, if unremarkable, are decent.

(3) Daily Evening Specials

There is a daily special for dinner. On Monday, it is the Honey Bavarian Pork Ribs which look absolutely mouthwatering on the menu but we didn’t go on a Monday, so we didn’t get to try it. We did try two other dishes:

On Tuesday, Roast Duck ($25)

The red wine jus is so savory, so delicious, bursting with flavors. The vinegary red cabbage is appetizing and visually popping. And the mashed potato is silky. Hearty portion. If the meat is tenderer, it would have been perfect.

On Wednesday, Oven Baked Spicy Meat Loaf ($19.50)

The spicy meat loaf is the best selling dish and honestly, I can’t see why. Having been to Brotzeit twice–the first time was at 313 Somerset outlet–I have tasted many outstanding dishes at Brotzeit. The spicy meat loaf tastes like spicy fishcake, addictive with a bouncy texture. It is good but not really the best dish. The meatloaf comes with pretzel and the very delicious German potato salad.


Kaiserschmaaren (Emperor’s cake, $12.50)

Shredded pancake with rum and raisin served with plum sauce. The pancake tastes like a denser version of kueh bahlu, the Chinese New Year egg sponge cake in the shape of a peach blossom. The plum sauce isn’t too sourish and as a whole this dessert is quite wonderful. I couldn’t stop eating.

Warm chocolate cake with Stracciatella ice cream ($12.50)

Never eaten Stracciatella ice cream which is similar to chocolate chip ice cream: a vanilla-based gelato with shavings of chocolate. The ice cream is very milky and rich and the chocolate comes in sheets, which gives the ice cream a good crunch.

As you see, although the “lava” doesn’t flow out, the taste is pitch-perfect. SO GOOD. Such an amazing balance, balancing between the rich darkness of chocolate and the sweetness so that one person can eat the entire piece without feeling excessive.

The ambience is leisurely, especially when the restaurant faces a body of water, very scenic. Good for casual dates, friends’ gatherings, and afterwork drinks.

Friendly service.

My two experiences at Brotzeit have been extremely favorable. The food is hearty and it has a–how do I put it?–raw, animalistic edge. It’s not “refined” or “civilized” food, whatever those words mean. I’d imagined a gourmet medieval tavern serving such food, delicious, hearty, warming but with a rough edge, an unpretentious place where you can relax–don’t need to act act in front of other people–and have comforting food. The more I eat at Brotzeit, the more I like the place. See the rating has gone up from 3.500 at my previous visit to 3.833.

Also see: Brotzeit at 313 Somerset review

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant
1 Harbourfront Walk
Vivocity #01-149
Singapore 098585
Two other outlets at 313 Somerset and Raffles City.
T: 6272 8815
Sun-Th: 12pm-12am
F-Sat, Eve of PH, and PH: 12pm-2am

Rating: 3.833/5 napkin dumplings  
PS: We thank Jiawei, Zijing and Executive Chef Luftenegger for the invite and hospitality.

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  1. I just wanna say all ur food are good but the servis, arnt? Because i went in malaysia with my friend just for holiday so i went kl stay in boulevard my friend ask me go for eat then we saw ur brotzeit outlet in midvalley, we ordered sausage platter one sausage like is not there the smoked then i want it they charge me, the one nevermind i’ve ordered pork ribs when we eat its so bad not fresh,to dry,and smelly like how many days stock in frezzer… And the person talk to me with no manner and dont know the servis shes a tin ,tall, lady and german guy i dont know whose that…. Pls try to inform them make it cook nicely the food as a fresh so ur customer willing to comeback that plc, and the two person pls try to know how to communicate to the customer…. Thanks …


    • Hello Mr. Lai. Have you written to the office in Malaysia to tell them your experience? It’d be useful to them so that they can improve on their service.


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