CLOSED – SausageFest I: Purple Mustard, Icon Village Tanjong Pagar

No decor to speak of. Limited seating but it’s not the size that matters.

Food: However, let’s get the bad news over with. One thing I’d like to inform 8Days is not everything is made from scratch in this shop. The buns and sausages are from suppliers but all the other condiments, including the sauces, are made from scratch. For me, this is disappointing news because when I ate the sausages and buns, they have a generic feel and lack a homely or “gourmet” touch.

The good news is they are amazingly tasty. I didn’t know hotdogs can taste like that. The generous amount of sauces make the hotdogs very messy–I LOVE IT. When the boss, former auditor Saba Bhamidipati, passed me some plastic cutlery, I said, “Save the earth, I’m eating with my hands.” Food tastes better when you eat with hands. There is just something so delicious because you are caressing and connecting with the food. The sauces came all over my mouth and hands. LOVE IT. I licked and sucked my fingers.

The barnyard dog ($9) comes with 6-inch (quite normal size, no?) beef and Guinness sausage, caramelized onions, purple mustard, and Sriracha remoulade. It was orgasmic! The caramelized onions are made sweeter than elsewhere, so that the flavor can come through as a surprised aftertaste under all these sauces. The purple mustard is made by mixing Dijon mustards with Jim Beam-soaked blueberries, giving it a slight tanginess. And Sriracha remoulade is a sauce of hot sauce, mayo, garlic(?), and vinegar (?). Imagine the orgy of tastes in the mouth. All vying for your attention. It explodes in your dark, moist orifice, also known as your mouth. Mind-blowing. And because each mouth you eat will take in different proportion of the sauces, the taste is layered and constantly changing, many different positions available. SUPERB! But don’t squeeze the wiener too hard because purple mustard will come out, spurt out of it. If you like slightly sweet food, this is the one to order.

Coney dog ($9) is a long (more than 6 inch) veal sausage with beanless chili, chopped onions, and garlic remoulade. From the ingredients alone, chili, onions and garlic, the hotdog heads to the direction of spiciness. The hotdog gives me a very Japanese feel despite the length. Japanese because the hotdog clears up the nose like wasabi. Got kick. This hotdog, although less varying in flavors than barnyard dog, is equally savory with more depths of pungent spiciness; barnyard dog covers a range of palates while coney has depth in one flavor. If you are a size queen and like meaty, savory stuff, pick this. Eating barnyard dog is like men after sex: No kissing after this; your breath will stink from the garlic and onions.

Add $1.50 to make it a combo to include fries or asian slaw. Add another $1 for a house drink.

I ordered the Jamaica ($2), a house drink, a Mexican drink with hibiscus flower, brown sugar and spices. Refreshing, floral, and not at all sweet. Tasted like just a hint of cinnamon. Good for a hot day.

Service: When it gets crowded, you may have to wait for some time because the hotdogs are being cooked.

No GST, No service charge. I spent $20 on two hotdogs and a drink but you don’t have to pull an Annabelle Chong like me; you can get quite stuffed with just a single wiener. This place is worth coming to if you are near. Highly recommended.

Also see: SausageFest II: ZenDog  and SausageFest III: Erich’s Wuerstelstand.

Purple Mustard
12 Gopeng Street
Icon Village #01-31
Singapore 078877

Mon – Fri:11:00 am-9:00 pm
Sat:12:00 pm-9:00 pm

Rating: 3.717/5 wieners

Categories: $0-$20, Tanjong Pagar, Western

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  1. wow, how did you know the buns and sausages are not made from scratch?

    I thought these 2 are the main stars in hot dogs. Would have expected these two to be self made rather than the sauces.


    • they didn’t taste like they were made in-house so I asked the boss. He said they make all the sauces in-house and that’s already a lot of work and they cannot handle making buns and sausages. A respectable answer. I’d rather they order the buns and sausages than do a bad job out of making them from scratch.

      But the sauces are really amazing. You should try it. The sauces transform the hotdogs completely. I will definitely be going back for more.


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