PERMANENTLY CLOSED: Italo-Japanese Cuisine Part II: Enoteca L’Operetta, Boat Quay

Arranged with Chiobu, Hookerlily and Mr NGFL (who due to work couldn’t come) for Restaurant Week dinner. Was surprised to find so many Japanese customers at Enoteca L’Operetta, an Italian restaurant. Found out later that, when the chef came out at the end of the meal to thank everyone for coming–such great service!–the chef is Japanese, Chef Seita Nakahara.

As seen from the decor, there is Japanese sensibility of colors–white and birch-beige–infused into a modern Western setting. The paintings, by a Japanese artist, on the wall are for sale.

The Restaurant Week menu is one of the most value-for-money menus I ever have. Five great courses at only $55++!

Burrata cheese with parma ham

Refreshing and the combination is well-balanced. Very surprising that it could be this good.

Oven baked Hokkaido scallop

Probably the biggest, most gargantuan scallop I’ve ever eaten. It freaked me out when I fished it out of the casserole. It was weight-lifting for the fingers. While my scallop was a tad dry, Chiobu commented that her dish was succulent, savory and salty. The scallop was so huge that we were already full.

Rigatoni smoked duck with creamy tomato sauce

Another awesome dish. The pasta is al dente, giving it a bite and the cheese is so salty it’s kickass. But a minor problem we had was the very rich cheese seems to be the same for both the scallop and the pasta, making this pasta dish a bit jerlat (excessive).

Pan roasted veal wrapped with prosciutto in Marsala wine sauce

The ham is tough but if you saw through it, the veal is tender (Chiobu’s veal was tough). The tastes of ham and veal are separate and don’t mix well together. The dish is theoretically sound but unremarkable, especially coming after three beautiful courses.


Dish of the night: although visually reminding us of a piece of turd–I think the chef is joking with us via the design of the dish–the deconstructed tiramisu is among the best we have. The mascarpone cream traps the coffee essence, making the ladyfingers inside moist and aromatic. It is a perfect end to a beautiful meal.

One minor problem we had was the inconsistency. For instance, Chiobu had a succulent scallop; mine was a bit dry. Chiobu had a tough veal; mine was tender.

Still, this is a delightful meal as a whole and three out of three of us enjoyed the hearty dishes immensely. It was money well spent.

Enoteca L’operetta
78 Boat Quay
Singapore 049866
T: 6438 2482

M-Sat 12-3pm; 6pm-11pm

Rating: 3.511/5 stars

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