Chihuly Lounge, Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel Singapore

A duo of musicians played and sang wonderful jazz.

Chihuly Lounge is located at a rather open space near the reception of Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Every three months, Chef Terence Pang changes the confections: Chihuly Lounge’s Summer Weekend Afternoon tea buffet ($48++) offers a new and wide range of eclairs from 2 June to 26 August, 2.30-5pm.

The Savories 

By no means an extensive selection, we can list almost everything: cucumber sandwich, tuna croissant, beef bagel, chicken mayo bun, salmon sushi, smoked duck, poached prawns, prawns on skewer, foie gras tart, seafood dumpling. If you notice the meats, there is NO PORK. Looking out for our Muslim friends, yo.

The Sweets 



Gold-leaf custard eclair – pretty only.

A macaron eclair – mac-eclair.

Violet eclair

Black sesame eclair

The sweets are even more limited: scones, ice-creams, and eclairs. We couldn’t fathom why a chef is stationed at the dessert section even though s/he isn’t helping with the dessert.

For the eclairs, we thought they could come in bite-size so that the people can try everything. But if you don’t have space, try the black sesame; and passionfruit-mango. There is a newfangled eclair with gummy-bears on top: we thought it is trying too hard.

The tea buffet also comes with free-flow of teas and coffees.

Verdict: Overall, the food is passable, no major disappointment. The winning point of the restaurant is indubitably the service, one of the best service in Singapore. When my napkin dropped on the floor, the staff actually gave me a new one, instead of just folding it and putting back on the chair, the usual practice. Our free-flow of drinks were always refilled and our plates, cleared. Would we pay $48++ for the food alone? No. Would we pay $48++ to experience such exquisite service and ambience (with live jazz music) on a lazy weekend afternoon with friends and family? Yes, the servers and musicians save the day. Kudos to them.

Some credit cards have 15% discount. Check with staff. After discount, we paid $48 per person.

Chihuly Lounge
7 Raffles Avenue, Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel, Singapore 039799
T: 6434 5288

Weekends 2.30pm-5pm (Afternoon Tea)

Rating: 3.718/5 stars 

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    • oh i have been wanting to talk to you. Do you read Time Out Singapore? You’d love it. The mag interviews local heros like the busker at Orchard Road and tracks down the history of old abandoned houses in Singapore.


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