Fan Play, Carrefour Suntec Singapore

Almost everyone would have gone to Carrefour at Suntec? Fan Play is located at the travelator on the first floor, the travelator connecting the groceries to the ja-pa-lang things.

The uniqueness of Fan Play is that it imports its chee cheong fun (CCF) directly from Ipoh as its texture is different from Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s CCF. It is much smoother but with a sticky finish. The flavor would come from the sauce. You can choose from brown sauce (with minced pork) or curry sauce, costing $2.50. The curry sauce is more Ipoh style which is similar to Indian style, heavy on spices, and not so much Singapore which has more coconut.

But wait, CCF can be eaten any time of the day! It’s NOT just breakfast food.

Beer battered fish with CCF in brown sauce ($3.90). The brown sauce is a very, very light soya sauce, not at all salty. The batter on the fish is thin and crispy but overly salty; fish is fresh.

Chicken cutlet with CCF in curry sauce ($3.90). Although it looks quite Japanese, the curry sauce is more skewed towards the Indian curry. This is my favorite meat of the lot: tender and the crust is so crisp!

Marinated chicken with CCF in kung-pow sauce ($3.90). Indubitably, this CCF sauce is our favorite, which may say how boring we are, because it tastes a lot like our sweet sauce in CCF, and not so much dried-chilli spiciness of kung-pow. Marinated in soya sauce, garlic and oyster sauce, the chicken is quite similar to Japanese teriyaki; this meat is Pierre Goh’s favorite.

Laska CCF with fried wanton, fu-zhou (in a shape of a bar) and ngoh hiang ($3.90) is our least favorite. The fried items, by themselves, are already quite jerlat (excessive), and when you add them to the heart-attack-inducing laksa, it is quite over-the-top for us. However, the laksa is very delicious, the real stuff. The tastes of laksa and cheong fun are separate, ie, the cheong fun hasn’t soaked up the laksa. Perhaps more laska sauce would be nice too.

Saving the best for the last. Highly anticipated is the Ipoh specialty, sar kok liew (add $0.50 to the CCF). Directly translated into “stuffed yam bean,” it is in fact turnip and is more complicated. The chef told us that the ingredients must be in a perfect balance before he wraps them up in beancurd skin. If not, the skin will burst open. It must be fried correctly too; if not, the piece will disintegrate. Every process of making this sar kok liew is tedious, intricate and delicate.

The taste? It tastes like hash brown at first, ending with a sticky sweet nian-gao (年糕) aftertaste.

Don’t forget to order the less sweet organic soyabean milk ($1.50), powered by healthier fructose (not cane sugar). It has a quite unique taste too: malty like Horlicks.

This is a kiosk, no seats, few standing tables. The food is not bad, and quite different from Singapore food, and value-for-money. Remember: CCF is not only for BF; you can have Fun at all times.

Fan Play
Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall Tower 4 Level 1 (Carrefour Deli Section)
Singapore, Singapore 038983
T: 9021 1890

Rating: 3.481/5 stars

PS: Thanks to Judy, Andrew and Robert for the invite.

Edit: The chef has left Fan Play and a new chef has taken over. This review is written when the first chef was around.


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  1. Thanks RERG, for sharing this eats. Will definitely try it out. Seeing all these beautiful picture makes me grave for my hometown, Ipoh, chee cheong fun. The sar kok lieu is very common in Ipoh but not in Singapore. THANK YOU1


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