Yun Tun Mee, 123 Koffee Corner, Bedok

Stiff competition at Bedok. There are two coffeeshops at Blk 123 alone–and a third coffeeshop behind the block–but the wanton mee stall at 123 Koffee Corner kopitiam runs quite a brisk business. On busy days, you can wait up to 40 minutes. Luckily, you order, take a seat and they deliver the food to you. At least you don’t need to queue.

What is special about the wantons is that they use flat fish and seaweed. The boss says that chestnut makes wanton soggy so she substitutes it with seaweed.

But the winning point of the wanton mee, to me, is really the noodles. Although they are not handmade, the boss took a long time to source for them. The noodles are cooked past al dente–which is how I like it–as the black sauce (Malaysian style) seeps thoroughly into the noodles. The black sauce and spicy sauce achieve a very good balance, giving the noodles a real kick. The boss has 20 years of experience of cooking noodles. Don’t play play.

What can be improved is the run-of-the-mill char siew, dry and tough.

Although the dumplings are soaked in the soup for time, they remain firm, bouncy, and QQ. The skin is of a good texture, not too thick or doughy. But they can be inconsistent. There is a strong fungus taste (from the mushroom) in a dumpling but another dumpling is milder.

Special dish from the boss, not even on the menu!  Fish paste wrapped in beancurd skin, deep-fried to a crispy golden-brown. Some parts of the edges are crispy, some not, which create an interesting texture for me. It tastes like a healthy version of chicken nuggets.

When my friend said that this is the best wanton mee in Singapore, I replied, “That’s because she’s your mom!” But after trying it, the wanton mee is really not bad, one of the better, more flavorful ones I’ve tasted. The stall combines old school cooking and sauce with innovative food items, holding onto tradition while progressing with the times.

Yun Tun Mee
Blk 123 Bedok North Street 2
123  Koffee Corner
Singapore 460123

Close on alternate Tuesdays.

Rating: 3.551/5 stars (based on taste and value for money)

PS: Thanks, Avin and his mom, for treating me to this meal.


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